For those who are experiencing a ‘smallness attack’ today…

Dear God,

Please help me release any smallness I’m in right now. I feel deflated and small and I can’t find my greatness anywhere. I need help to refocus my eyes on the huge amounts of blessing I already have. Help me grow a grateful heart. I know I have so many blessings and my smallness wants me to believe that I have nothing good,  and that I’m unworthy. But I know that my smallness is sneaky and can deflate me so quickly. I release it now and release the need for it. It does not serve me and only keeps me fearful and doubtful. Please help me remember that I’m a child of God and with your strength anything is possible. Help me get rid of this fear, doubt and smallness and let me be re-centered back into my heart, my power, my faith and my greatness. I don’t need to feel blue. I don’t need to be down. I don’t need to get in a tizzy about other people’s judgements. I need to pick myself up, serve you and know my value in you and in my purpose. Help me serve my higher purpose in all that I do and discern the things that don’t serve you, love, and greatness.  In lifting myself back up I will help others do the same.

My light helps other people light their light – my courage speaks to other people’s courage – my greatness ignite’s other people’s greatness.

Thank you for giving me the guidance, love and strength to overcome and crush smallness and step into my greatness again.  Amen.


greatness speak


For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.  2 Timothy 1: 7


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