Dena Patton’s Greatness Coaching

  Jump into Greatness:  Strategy Session+ IFly

Yes I go from heels to helmets! I love indoor skydiving and so will you!

It’s a powerful 3 hour Strategy session + Flying Adventure in Scottsdale, Arizona that will change everything!


What is this program?:

JUMP INTO GREATNESS is for the adventurous entrepreneur that doesn’t want one more boring coaching call. Instead you want a private 3 hour, high flying strategy session with Dena Patton, elite business coach for entrepreneurs and leaders. This session will take your business to a new level of impact and income, plus lunch AND it includes a fabulous ‘jump’ in the indoor skydiving simulator in Scottsdale, AZ.

You have big dreams and to achieve them you must get out of your comfort zone.

So are you willing to jump? Don’t believe the illusion that “you just have to work harder”. That’s how you run yourself into the ground.

You must have a clear and powerful plan to take your business from good to great!  On Jump Day you get a 3 hour strategy session to solve your biggest challenges and grow your business. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs and leaders who are ready to get out of comfort and go to the next level of income and impact.


Includes everything!

1. A 30 minute pre-zoom call with Dena along with a pre-survey prior to get clarity on your objectives and goals for this session.
2. On Jump Day you get a 3 hour strategy session to solve your biggest challenges and grow your business.
3. You will expand and elevate your business that brings confidence and clarity to your game.
4. All the materials and worksheets needed. 
5. A healthy lunch to fuel you.
6. An exciting indoor skydiving jump at ifly Scottsdale that will get you out of your comfort zone to play bigger.
7. Plus, one private 30 minute coaching call 2 weeks after your Jump session to support you in staying in action. 

Bonus you can bring 1 person (spouse or business partner) with you at no cost.
Cost: $2300.00

(Want deeper help with your business? We offer a 1:1 luxury weekend retreat).

One thing WILL change everything!

Restrictions & Waiver:
Flight Restrictions and Waiver here: (fill out in advance to save time)

FAQ’S about jumping:

  • Do I need any experience to indoor skydive? Nope. First timers are fine. It’s safe, they train hundreds of people, police, military, skydivers everyday.
  • Do I have to do the jump? Yes, for this program.
  • Do I need to own a business to experience Jump Into Greatness Program? No, we can work on your biggest goals instead.
  • Do I need to bring food? No, we will feed you a fabulous lunch. But yes eat breakfast.
  • Can I take this class alone? Come alone or bring a spouse or business partner.
  • Are there any other fees? No, everything is included.

Who is this hosted by:

Dena Patton is an award winning business coach, global speaker, philanthropist, and best selling author who works with world-changing leaders and entrepreneurs. Since 2000, Dena’s coaching and consulting company has worked with clients from every industry, along with celebrities and top CEO’s. As a business and mindset coach she helps clients to build 3 important elements; the systems to be a well-oiled company, the strategy to be a well-marketed company, and the greatness mindset to be a well-led company that makes the income and the impact you want.

She has been an entrepreneur since 1997 and a speaker since 2010. She has garnered 8 business awards and over 60 media stories including CNN, Entrepreneur magazine, First Women, NBC, and Business Journal. You might have seen her book, The Greatness Game, hit #1 on Amazon Best Seller list which is helping people live, love and lead from their greatness. 

Her greatness framework transforms companies to go from good to great!

Dena started her first business, a PR & marketing company serving the entertainment industry, at the age of 24 while she was living in New York City. In 1999 at the age of 27 she experienced a minor stroke, and had to learn how to speak again. In her year of recovery Dena sold her business to a start-up Internet company and became their Director of Marketing. It was the first year of the internet and they built a community of 70,000 paid members, and has since become the #1 global leader in its industry. In 2001 she left that company to start her coaching and training company and has been changing lives ever since. Dena deeply believes in the power of BIG dreams, philanthropy, greatness and entrepreneurship, and her mission is to ignite greatness and purpose in leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide so they can do epic things in their company. Read more about her coaching programs here and grab a copy of her book here.