An award-winning coach and trainer who works with world-changing business owners and leaders.

Dena has worked one-on-one with 1000+ clients just like you: Forward-thinking, purposeful entrepreneurs & CEO’s who are vested in their values, impact, income and results. They run companies typically between $500k-$50M+.

Since 2001 Dena has been an elite business and mindset coach who has worked with thousands of purpose-driven business owners and leaders around the globe. Her 3-Pillar coaching approach helps her clients to build: the systems to be well-oiled, the sales strategy to be well-funded, and the greatness mindset to be well-led. Dena’s influence extends beyond coaching with over 60 media and podcasts that feature her work, along with her keynote speaking and her best-selling book, The Greatness Game.  She believes in always being a student and has 20 years of trainings and certifications including True Colors International to take your communication effectiveness to a new level.

She navigates her clients to success guided by six core values—courage, accountability, authenticity, faith, fun, and integrity. Outside her business ventures, Dena devotes herself to philanthropy and ministry work, serving as the Cofounder of Happy Hour With Jesus, a bible study initiative for women, and the 501c3 The Girls Rule Foundation, which champions empowerment and leadership for tween/teenage girls.

Here’s the truth, all coaches are not created equal.

Dena is a girl mom, a dog mom and a federal agents wife, and loves helping people achieve what they never thought was possible. She is a third-generation Phoenix native, and she consistently seeks new opportunities, and embodies a relentless commitment to greatness.


Dena helps her clients to become great leaders  who are building great companies.

Dena’s 3-Step approach can help you build the systems, the sales strategy, and the leadership that will help you make the income and the impact that you want.  Dena’s passion is to help you dream bigger and make it a reality.

Dena’s world-class Greatness Coaching helps you not only to build your business, but help you become the BEST CEO you can be. She helps you to transform the limiting beliefs, the overwhelm, the negative thoughts and the bad habits that are holding your business from growth. She will help you build epic things you never dreamt were possible. Her proven frameworks and distinctions will help you build your business in the 8 Pillars of Business!  

Dena has led her business, clients, family, faith and philanthropy successfully because of her commitment to her 6 values: Courage, Faith, Accountability, Authenticity, Integrity, and Fun. She believes that values are the foundation of a great company. Are you ready to build a GREAT company!

On global stages, Dena is known for her expertise and inspiration on the topic of mental toughness and building a positive mindset (a greatness mindset) based on her book The Greatness Game. As a Keynote speaker she speaks on stages, podcasts and virtual stages around the world to inspire and transform audiences.  A greatness mindset is at the heart of all success no matter what industry or sector you are in, and with Dena’s methodology your audiences will have the tools to thrive in greatness. Read more about her speaking here. She has won 9 business awards, and in 2018 became a best-selling author of The Greatness Game grab a copy here

Her clients are from very different industries, but… they all have a mission to change the world through their business! Her extensive client list ranges from CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities and World changers from across the world.  In the last couple years a few of Dena’s client’s have ranged from the owners of a National Award Winning Custom Home Builder to a Top National Education Consultant to a Celebrity Makeup Artist to a Tech CEO with global teams to Athletes to top realtors to Award winning chefs to the CEO of a publishing agency to a London PR Firm to Tech & IT companies to a National Accounting Firm to Lawfirms to a National Jewelry Designer to the CEO of a D&I consulting firm to the owners of a global media company to celebrities and leaders from every industry. Some of Dena’s clients are confidential – testimonials can be found here.

“Make no mistake, she is not a sugar-coated coach that allows for the
same ol’ reasons why you can’t go bigger. She loves her clients and pushes us
out of our comfort zone to go big. I now know that my business is one of the
biggest platforms to deliver my purpose in big ways.” – Suzanne T.


Dena moved herself from Phoenix to NYC at the age of 21 to follow her dreams. At the age of 24 she founded her first business, a PR & marketing company that served the entertainment industry in film, Broadway and TV. She realized that there was a lack of reliable marketing assets (1997) for theater and other shows in NYC. Seeing the opportunity,  Dena created a new division in her marketing agency that focused on publishing the first ever magazine that covered Broadway, Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway. Then, in 1999 at the age of 27 she experienced a minor stroke, and during her recovery Dena had to learn how to speak again and refocus her life. In that time, Dena realized her calling was much bigger than her current marketing company. It was the first year of the internet which created an opportunity to sell her marketing and publishing business to a start-up tech company, and become their Director of Marketing while still recovering. They built a community of 70,000 subscribers and has since become the #1 global leader in its industry. After a year at that tech start-up, she departed and she started Dena Patton Coaching and Training company in 2001 which she continues to thrive today. In that first year of her coaching business she was near the towers the morning of 9/11. Soon after the tragedy she met two men who had a brilliant idea,  The September 11 Photo Project. She worked with them along with The Pentagon and NYC Mayors office to create the 9/11 tour across the country to help create community, healing and hope with 10,000 participants and 500,000 attendees. The project then became a NY Times best selling book (see book below) and Emmy nominated TV movie and it also became a permanent collection in the NYC Library. In 2002 she was inspired to move herself and her business back to her home town of Phoenix, Arizona where she married her husband Greg in 2005 and had her daughter Alli in 2008. Dena has garnered 9 business awards and over 90 media stories including CNN, Entrepreneur magazine, First Women, NBC, and Business Journal. Dena is passionate about community and philanthropy which you can learn more about below:





Dena also has a heart for philanthropy and projects that change the world with the power of positivity, encouragement and community. Dena has created a few philanthropy projects that change the world:


  • The September 11 Photo Project Tour (2001-2002)  – She led the 6 U.S. city tour to heal America which was attended by over 500,000+ people which raised money for victims of 9/11 at The NYC Burn Unit and our Book by Regan Books/Harper Collins.
  • The Summer Spaaah Series (2005-2007) – She cofounded this Arizona fundraising event which went on to host over 8,000 women and has raised $100k for Fresh Start Women’s Foundation
  • Chat, Chew and Chocolate (2004-2015) – She founded this inspirational, social club for busy women with 26 licensees/chapters nationwide and 15,000 members.
  • Girls Rule Foundation (2012-present)  – She cofounded and continues to lead a 501c3, The Girls Rule Foundation, which champions empowerment and leadership programs for teenage girls. Their curriculum and programs focus on  3 key areas: self-esteem skills, leadership skills and financial/career skills. Details:

Dena’s Mission is: To inspire and educate people worldwide to live, love and lead from their greatness mindset so they can fulfill their purpose and highest potential (I help people do EPIC goals they can't imagine!).

Dena Patton accepting first place winner from Phoenix Business Journal for Girls Rule Foundation 2017
Photo credit: Jim Poulin Phoenix Business Journal

Wendy Jae Tucker & David Tucker Testimonial

To view Dena’s podcasts and media stories CLICK HERE

 Why Should you hire Dena? Experience…

  • CREATOR of Greatness Coaching – 8 Areas of Business
  • BUSINESS OWNER of four successful businesses since 1997
  • BUSINESS COACH since 2001 to thousands of individuals
  • AWARD-winning business owner
  • AUTHOR of #1 Amazon Best seller on greatness mindset
  • COAUTHOR of 3 books
  • FAITH BASED & VALUES BASED in everything she does
  • CREATOR of 55 sold out retreats, events and workshops
  • 25 YEARS of PR & MARKETING expertise
  • FEATURED in over 90+ media stories
  • PAST PRODUCER & HOST of CBS TV show about entrepreneurship
  • SPEAKER to hundreds of groups and events worldwide
  • PUBLISHER of many articles (web & magazines)
  • CHARITY/501c3/philanthropy experience


All coaches are not created equal

Dena’s Promise: To help you become a greatness leader who makes the income and the impact you want.

Dena’s 3 options to support, coach & train entrepreneurs and leaders:


You are already doing great work, and having a coach will move you to the next level of success with much more velocity and clarity. You literally cut months, and sometimes years, off the learning curve so you can get to success faster.

Need the power, accountability and confidential support of a coach on your side? Book a consultation today:

Dena Patton, Author

Dena’s Best-Selling Book

The Greatness Game

– #1 Amazon Best Seller

You were BORN with greatness and the tips in this book will teach you to crush smallness so that you can live, love and lead from your greatness and create the most extraordinary life you can imagine. 

It is a powerful, daily manual to keep with you to maintain your greatness. Dena teaches this methodology through speaking, coaching and writing because she wants people to win the games that are most important to them. This methodology is a revolutionary way to help you identify the invisible smallness agreements that can limit and constrain your greatness. What would be possible if you could access 100 percent of your greatest self? ORDER HERE

Dena’s Co-Authored Books

The Faces behind the pages that Inspire

Dena is one of the co-authors behind the collective effort of The Faces behind the pages that Inspire series. The Faces Behind the Pages That Inspire is filled with fascinating stories from authors who overcame the greatest obstacles in their path and thereby bringing inspiration to millions.

What if you truly knew how powerful you were? Well, get ready, because in this powerful book, you’ll go behind the scenes of Facebook’s most inspirational Pages that inspire millions of people day in and day out, and meet a team of teachers/Admins -are going to inspire you to find that out! Order your book or kindle version today! ORDER HERE

Women in High Def

Dena’s story can be found in Women in High Def which aims to propel women out of a low-def, foggy life of going through the motions in a blur. The profound stories, intercessory prayer prompts and coaching elements work together to catapult women into living fearlessly for God…being bolder moms, having purposeful passions, pursuing marriage excellence, loving themselves with gusto, laughing with abandon, and more. The Bible study at the back of the book points them to scripture to gain Biblical insight and direction for each need and role they play. It can be used alone or in a group. Order your book or kindle version today! ORDER HERE

Empowered Women of Social Media


Dena’s powerful story is found in Empowered Women of Social Media. In celebration of International Women’s Day, Empowered Women of Social Media: Finding Global Unity in Social Communities is a book featuring women from all over the world. Each story is written to inspire you the reader, and through our process we formed a unique sisterhood. Social Communities such as Facebook, provide women a platform for which to enhance and raise their voice. Global unity is a topic which is very dear to the hearts of each writer in this anthology. Today more than ever, the world is embracing women as change makers, life seamstresses and innovators of positive change. ORDER HERE

The September 11 Photo Project

Dena helped to lead this project become a reality and became the Media & Tour Director in NYC in 2001. The Project was made into a book titled “The September 11 Photo Project, published by Regan Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers in May of 2002. It has sold over 60,000 copies and the book reached number one in rankings in the month after its release and stayed in the Top 10 for a week. It also appeared on the extended NY Times Best Seller List. All the proceeds from the book went to the New York Firefighters Burn Center Foundation, a not-for-profit that supports research, prevention, education, and the proper treatment of burns. Over twenty thousand dollars were raised on behalf of the Foundation through both direct and indirect efforts.

A few of Dena’s awards include:

  • 100 Women To Know, 2024, Know Women Organization
  • GWEN Luminary Award for Girls Rule Foundation 2019
  • Phoenix Business Journal 1st place, 2017 (for Girls Rule Foundation)
  • Athena Awards Nominee, 2016, 2018 & 2019
  • MASK Unity Award, Honoree, 2015 (for her nonprofit Girls Rule Foundation)
  • ewomen Network, Nonprofit of the year, 2015 (for her nonprofit Girls Rule Foundation)
  • MASK Unity Award, Top 15 finalist, 2014 (for her nonprofit Girls Rule Foundation)
  • Woman of the Year, NBAZ Top 3 Finalist 2013 
  • Best Of, Winner, Phoenix Magazine 2010
  • Mompreneur of the Year, Top 10 Finalist 2010
  • Spirit of Enterprise top 5 Semi-Finalist, 2009
  • #1 Event of the Year winner, AzTec Awards 2008
  • Platinum Awards Winner, Arizona Foothills Magazine 2008
  • Athena Powerlink Nominee & Winner, 2008
  • Woman of The Year/January winner, Clear Channel Radio 2007
  • Harvard Business School, Entrepreneur of the year finals 2000
  • NYC Chancellor’s Office, Creative Service Award Winner 2000


Dena is a member of: The International Coach Federation

eWomen Network Platinum

Arizona Small Business Association

Certified Trainer of True Colors International