The Greatness Game

I offer 4 ways to grow your greatness:

  1. The Greatness Game, #1 Amazon Best Selling Book (below)
  2. Greatness 1:1 Luxury Retreat for leaders & entrepreneurs (here
  3. The Greatness Team – Team Building Program (here)
  4. Greatness Coaching 1:1 for leaders & entrepreneurs (here)


You are always winning the games you are playing, so they might as well be greatness games.

As we know nothing changes if nothing changes; therefore “The Greatness Game” is about taking action and changing the game. You were BORN with greatness and the tips in this book will teach you to crush smallness so that you can live, love and lead from your greatness and create the most extraordinary life you can imagine. 

As I often say, “Communication without action is just another conversation,” so I encourage you to take action and this book will help. It can be your daily guide to mastering your greatness, so you can live, love and lead like you mean it. This book is small, but mighty and is a great gift book for your clients, friends or employees to help them live and lead from their greatness.

“Start Playing and Winning the Greatness Game!” – Kathy B.


“FANTASTIC! A must read for every leader!” – Suzy M.

“We so often default to thinking small, and Dena is that Light in the darkness” – Laurie B.