The Greatness Game

I have two ways to serve your greatness:

#1 Amazon Best Seller, The Greatness Game
The Greatness Facebook Community


” Little Nuggets for Living a Much Larger Life” – Diane Markins

“Start Playing and Winning the Greatness Game!” – Kathy Bass


“FANTASTIC! A must read for every leader!” – Suzy

“We so often default to thinking small, and Dena is that Light in the darkness” – L. Battaglia

As we know nothing changes if nothing changes; therefore “The Greatness Game” is about taking action and changing the game. You were BORN with greatness and the tips in  this book will teach you to crush smallness so that you can live, love and lead from your greatness and create the most extraordinary life you can imagine. I wrote this book in the same way I would give tips to you in a conversation over coffee. As I often say, “Communication without action is just another conversation,” so I encourage you to take action and this book will help.

You are always winning the games you are playing, so they might as well be greatness games.

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For 14 years I have been a one-on-one coach for entrepreneurs and leaders, but I am happy to say that 2017 is the year I’m offering my tips, inspirations and methodology through new ways! My book (above), my mastermind days, and a new free Facebook page where I can share greatness tips and inspiration to help you achieve your big dreams.

Join The Greatness Community Facebook page today right here and I promise there will be no drama, no politics, and no negativity. This is a community where we share a like-mindedness for big dreams, a life we love and our greatest potential. Please share your comments on the books or tips you liked on the greatness facebook page!

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This is a great day to master your greatness and become your greatest potential!

Cheers to building a life you love,