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Don’t Play Small. Are you ready to create epic things in your company?
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Leaders and business owners hire me to unleash their greatness, align their purpose, empower their culture & unchain their profits. Together we build a great company.

Too often, the operations and day-to-day duties will diminish a leader’s innovation, happiness, personal balance, and ultimately the bottom line of their company. I only work with leaders who are coachable, open and willing to do the work. Without help, these amazing leaders and business owners will continue to waste precious time and money by avoiding issues or addressing surface issues, instead of addressing the core 3 problems.

If not addressed these become an invisible disruption that slowly sucks the power, creativity, and greatness of its leader, culture, and employees. Whether it’s in a small or large company, leaders must be empowered and must lead from their greatness if they want to achieve epic results and realize their big vision.

Getting to your big vision is one journey, but sustaining that vision is another! Those journeys are best with a coach by your side.

The way I coach individuals is diving deep into two frameworks; The Greatness Methodology and the True Colors Communication tool. If you are a business owner we also evaluate the 8 areas of your business to determine if any of them are disempowered, unaligned  or ineffective.



Building a greatness company is crucial to achieving the
impact and income you desire.


Make no mistake, I am not a sugar-coated coach that allows for the same ol’ reasons why you can’t go bigger. I adore my clients and push them out of their comfort zone to go big.  Do not engage if you are not coachable, not willing to do the work or not willing to part with your ego.  You are on this planet for a reason and your business is one of the biggest platforms to deliver your purpose.  

My unique Greatness Methodology has changed the lives of thousands of leaders who are building epic things they never dreamt were possible. I can’t wait to help you build a great company and do epic things!


  • Investment in elevating your game:
  • Platinum Support: $1200 -Two 60 minute calls per week, emails in between with a quarterly in-person 2 hour session
  • Gold Support: $997 – One 60 minute weekly coaching call, emails in between
  • Silver Support: $650 – One 60 minute call every other week, emails in between (For current/past clients only, new clients must start at Gold or Platinum)

    First step, schedule a free consultation here. If weekly coaching isn’t for you, consider a VIP day or a weekend retreat.


    Corporate Leaders and Extraordinary Entrepreneurs worldwide coach with Dena:


    Dena‘s insight into business, mindset, and marketing are an extremely potent mix. With her coaching, I broke through mindset barriers, began attracting higher-quality clients, and improved our operations to serve our authors at a much deeper level. As a result, our revenues doubled in two years. I’m more courageous, smarter, and making a bigger impact thanks to her coaching.”Nicole Gebhardt, ILCEO, Niche Pressworks. Book Publishing House



    “I run a multi-million dollar restaurant group in Dallas and my goal this year was to make sure there is cohesiveness with my new own brand and my existing businesses. She is the ultimate marketing strategist you want on your team that will keep you focused on your goals and I truly appreciate her honesty, knowledge, and creativeness in her approach.” 

    Nikky Phinyawatana, TXCEO, Award-Winning Chef, , Asian Mint Restaurant Group and Nikky Feeding Souls

    More Testimonials Here

If you are an Entrepreneurs or a Founder: What areas do you need support in to bring your company to the next level? (Take Dena’s Quick Quiz Here to find out which of the 8 areas you want to work on). She will coach you in discovering new levels of greatness you never knew you had, then will help you to build the epic things that you never knew were possible. Her Greatness Methodology is a proven approach that you won’t get anywhere else. Read what past clients have said about how helpful Dena’s coaching has been for them, read testimonials here.

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