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VIP Luxury Retreat 


Calling All World-Changing Business Owners:

Imagine a luxury private retreat that will inspire your soul, expand your mind, pamper your body and build your business. We offer a private 2 night/3 day private retreat that is customized just for you.

You’ll have a 1200 sq ft Spa Suite at the world famous Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa in Paradise Valley, Arizona (15 minutes from the Phoenix airport).

We take care of all the details. Read below about what the retreat includes.

Dena helps her clients to become great leaders who are building great companies.

Expect Results. 

The coaching and facilitation time at your VIP Retreat with Dena is customized to your goals or challenges that you want to address. Dena’s can help you build strategy in these 3 topics:  (read more in detail here)

  • 1. The internal systems to become a well-oiled company. What systems in your business that might be slowing down your growth, productivity or team? (includes: admin systems, customer service systems, QA systems, HR systems, operation systems and growth systems)
  • 2. The greatness leadership and mindset to become a well-led company. Your leadership, mindset and communication need to go to a whole new level if you want your revenues to go to a whole new level.  (includes: leading the team to their goals, your capacity, finding the right team, clarity and alignment to your vision and values, your self care, conflict management, and communication)
  • 3. The Branding, Marketing & Sales strategy to become a well-funded company. It takes great branding, great marketing and great sales to hit the income and impact that you want. Hitting revenue goals takes strategy and consistency. (includes: create a clear and consistent brand. Create a WOW factor in your brand experience. Create alignment between your brand and your vision and values. Know who your champagne and wine potential customers are and how to create language that attracts them. Create clear and effective marketing strategies online and offline. Create a daily and weekly marketing schedule. Create a clean, consistent sales system. Learn how to sell & sell authentically. Create a systems that help automate these items. Create a great onboarding system for new customers)

You will leave this custom retreat feeling refueled, refocused and rejuvenated. Let Dena’s 22 years of coaching work for you!

Price & Agenda Details Below.

 Since working with Dena, I have seen results and clarity that I have never achieved with any coach in over a decade of being in business. She has a true gift to uncover challenges, insights and those “ah-ha” moments that have allowed me to advance faster in my professional and business life in ways I never thought would be possible. I cannot wait to see how my leadership develops alongside such a powerful coach. Thank you Dena!”

Russ Perry, CEO, – world’s leading on-demand graphic design company


1:1 VIP Retreat Includes:  

We will book your VIP suite, along a massage of your choice, plus gourmet meals and the custom coaching sessions and personal facilitation on your business strategy and goals. All held at the world famous Sanctuary Resort & Spa on Camelback Mountain in Paradise Valley, AZ. You’ll fill out a pre-survey that will help you focus on the exact strategy/subjects/topics/challenges/opportunities that you want to work on during your retreat.  

Greatness Agenda Example:

Day 1 –Start time between 1-3pm, facilitation w/ Dena 1pm until 8pm,  with dinner at the World Famous Elements Restaurant 6pm.

Day 2 – AM free time/yoga/hike on your own, 10am-5pm private facilitation w/ Dena, 5pm rest hour, with dinner at the World Famous Elements Restaurant 6pm, then free time on your own.

Day 3 – 8am spa time, 10am-2pm facilitation & lunch with Dena. Complete the retreat approximately by 2pm.

*Overall agenda depends on your travel/flights. You are welcome to come in one day early or stay one day after the retreat if you choose to.


  • Transportation from Phoenix airport (or your Phx home) to the hotel
  • 2 nights/3 days luxury hotel suite at the Sanctuary Resort – you can add a night before or after our time, if you choose.
  • 1 VIP Massage or facial in their world famous spa
  • Yoga and fitness availability
  • 1 Workout with Dena
  • VIP custom basket of snacks and goodies for your room
  • Gourmet Meals
  • 10-13 hours of personal facilitation with Dena customized to the goals and strategy you need/want to accomplish
  • 3 coaching calls post-retreat to help implement you and your goals.
  • Life-changing, refueling experience that will elevate your business to new levels and transform your leadership and strategy for new results!
  • PLUS: You can bring business partner (in the same King room) for an additional $700 will be added.
  • PLUS:  A donation in your name will be made to our local charity. *See below!
Fee Details:
  • Fees: $11,500 ($5000 due at time of booking and $6500 due 10 days prior).
  • Interested?  Chat with Dena first. Schedule HERE or email
  • PLUS, when you book this retreat you will make a difference for 20 girls because we donate $269 to Girls rule Foundation that will gift a leadership program called dreamLAB to a Title 1 school in your name. This is for  girls (middle school or high school) who will learn 12 leadership principles and learn how to become leaders and world changers.



“After my retreat with Coach Dena, my entire business model and mindset has shifted. I now fully operate and act like a $20 million CEO. The lessons I learned during these three days will catapulte my business to double in revenue within the next 6 months. The difference is night and day with how I make my leadership decisions. After the retreat I now have strategies, standard operating procedures and the mindset to grow my business to new heights!”

-Shawn Ramey
CEO, Elite Turf AZ

“The 3-day VIP retreat at the Sanctuary Resort with Dena sparked large change and growth for my business. Dena helped me articulate my company value statement, rebrand our logo, and create key marketing documents. More importantly, she taught me how to better understand myself, my employees, and my clients by using the True Colors Assessment. All of Dena’s creative and educational advice during the 3-day retreat elevated my brand, team awareness and morale, and business as well as personal relationships. By being in Scottsdale with Dena, I was able to be fully present for the valuable material that she provided and to be able to implement what I learned immediately through her various assignments after each day of coaching. I find it’s hard for a lot of us to disconnect from our busy lives and take the time to invest in ourselves. This 3-day retreat was an investment in myself and my business that lead to months of growth, self-reflection, and opportunity. Months later we continue to use Dena’s strategies to focus on and achieve our goals.”

-Nancy Beck CFP
CEO, Beck Financial Strategies, Indiana

“I arrived to Dena’s VIP Retreat in complete burnout mode. Having 3 days to shut everything out and focus solely on the values of our company and the direction we
want to take it, was not only insightful but extremely inspirational.  Thank you, Dena,
for your leadership both professionally and personally.”

-Nick Cowgill,
Owner & CEO of Nies Homes, Kansas

Coach Dena:

Dena Patton is an award winning business coach, global speaker, philanthropist, and best selling author who works with world-changing leaders and entrepreneurs. Since 2000, Dena’s coaching and consulting company has worked with clients from every industry, along with celebrities and top CEO’s. As a business and mindset coach she helps clients to build 3 important elements; the systems to be a well-oiled company, the sales strategy to be a well-funded company, and the greatness mindset to be a well-led company that makes the income and the impact you want. She has been an entrepreneur since 1997 and a speaker since 2010. She has garnered 9 business awards and over 60 media stories including CNN, Entrepreneur magazine, First Women, NBC, and Business Journal. You might have seen her book, The Greatness Game, hit #1 on Amazon Best Seller list which is helping people live, love and lead from their greatness. 

Her greatness framework transforms companies to go from good to great!

Dena started her first business, a PR & marketing company serving the entertainment industry, at the age of 24 while she was living in New York City. In 1999 at the age of 27 she experienced a minor stroke, and had to learn how to speak again. In her year of recovery Dena sold her business to a start-up Internet company and became their Director of Marketing. It was the first year of the internet and they built a community of 70,000 paid members, and that has since become the #1 global leader in its industry. In 2001 she left that company to start her coaching and training company and has been changing lives ever since. Dena deeply believes in the power of BIG dreams, philanthropy, greatness and entrepreneurship, and her mission is to ignite greatness and purpose in leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide so they can do epic things in their company. Read more about her coaching programs here and grab a copy of her book here.

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