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  • Answered 7-8 questions with yes? On fire year  – I can help you stay at the top!
  • Answered 5-6 questions with yes? Breakthrough year – I can help you keep focus!
  • Answered 3-4 questions with yes? Growth year  – I can help you grow!
  • Answered 1-2 questions with yes? Beginning years  – I can help you with it all!

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YOUR COACH: Dena Patton
I help business owners and leaders create and accomplish greatness games that they never thought were possible. My name is Dena Patton and it has been a blessing to be a business coach to over 1000 clients in the last 20 years and I love what I do. I work with world-changing leaders and value-based entrepreneurs to help them build GREAT businesses. I am a no-fluff coach that is going to stand for your vision, greatness, impact and income growing to new EPIC heights!

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I coach two types of world-changing entrepreneurs:
1. You are growing your vision and you own a company with revenues $100k-$1M
2. You are building or scaling your vision and you own a company with revenues of $1M-$50M+

I specialize in coaching three pillars::

1. The Marketing & Sales Plan, Systems & Execution To Increase Profits

2. The Admin & Customer Service Systems (the back end stuff you hate) To Expand Your Business Growth
3. The Greatness Mindset to Elevate Your Vision, Purpose & Leadership to Play Bigger

All coaches are not created equal

Dena’s Promise: To help you make the income and the impact you want.

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You are already doing great work, and having a coach will move you to the next level of success with much more velocity and clarity. You literally cut months, and sometimes years, off the learning curve so you can get to success faster.

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