Take the ‘8 Areas Quiz’ below



1. Answer the questions honestly
2. Track your answers to the following 8 questions to see if you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’


#1. Greatness/vision: Do I live and lead the business from my greatness, values and vision for my company?


  • Do I stop unhealthy/workaholic behavior before it becomes a pattern?
  • Do I have laser focus on my business plan so that I don’t get distracted?
  • Do I have systems and support to stay in my greatness and lead powerfully each day?
  • Do I hire, fire and lead from my values?
  • Do I work with people who support my vision, or distract me from my vision?
  • Do I know how I will handle breakdowns, crisis, employee issues and challenges?
  • Do I lead from my greatest self and not from power over people/ego?
  • Do I know my purpose and my vision and does this business honor that?
  • Do I train and lead my contractors/employees with intention and use their talents well?
  • Do I create a culture that people love working in/for? 



#2. Financials: Do I have a clear financial system for tracking sales, expenses and knowing my numbers weekly & monthly?


  • Do I hold myself accountable to a monthly revenue standard/goal?
  • Do I have a clear weekly tracking system for my income and expenses?
  • Do I review the financials every month and course correct accordingly?\
  • Am I focused on revenue generating activities and staying away from busy work?   
  • Have I created/explored any passive income/automation opportunities in my business?
  • Do I have focus and systems on brining in my account receivables income?
  • Am I empowered around my financials and feel they are on track?



 #3. Marketing: Do I create and maintain clear and effective marketing strategies for my business growth online and offline?


  • Do I have clarity in my narrative and how to speak about my business?
  • Do I create powerful marketing materials that ‘land’ well for my target market?
  • Do I create marketing materials that are well branded?
  • Do I create marketing that conveys my tangible product/service and my intangibles too?
  • Do I have a clear brand identity and a clear brand promise that is throughout my marketing?
  • Do I have a clear consultation system?
  • Do my potential customers know that they need my solutions? 
  • Do I know how to have an ‘attraction conversation’ to qualify my leads?
  • Do I have clear marketing partners or referral partners?
  • Do I use an editorial calendar for my content marketing?
  • Do I have a clear and measurable marketing system that I work daily?
  • Do I know how to generate leads/lead people to the next step?



#4. Target Market: Do I attract the ideal customers and the ideal amount of customers?


  • Do I know whom my target market is/is it well defined?
  • Do I know how to find my ideal customer/target market online/offline?
  • Do I know how to market my products/services so my target market loves buying?
  • Do they love buying from me and referring me? 
  • Do I know how many people I need to sell to make my revenue goals?
  • Do I have the systems & structures to attract, convert and SERVE my target customer?
  • Does my ideal customer know they need me or not? (Your marketing strategy is totally different depending on this one answer!)



#5. Sales: Do my sales team and I know how to have an authentic, conversion conversation that turns our fans into paying customers?


  • Do I make the desired revenue I want through my sales efforts?
  • Am I clear in my sales ‘language’/script/pitch such that it “lands so that people want to buy?
  • Am I clear in my tangibles and intangibles that I’m selling?
  • Do I have a system in place to manage my sales pipeline?
  • Do I know how to give a great consultation and have a conversion conversation?
  • Do I know how to invite people (gracefully and authentically) to work with me or buy from me?
  • Do I know the buying signals people give me?
  • Do I focus on serving my wine and champagne clients or just beer clients?
  • Do I know how to move the sale and close the sale?



#6.  Administrative: Do my systems for admin and HR run like a well-oiled machine day-to-day? 


  • Do I have clear admin systems in place (to manage schedules, billing, paperwork, task management, communications, etc)?
  • Am I using technology (where appropriate) to automate admin and free up my time?
  • Do I have a clear HR and hiring systems in place? (to manage hiring, training, onboarding employees or contractors, payroll,  employee communication/productivity)
  • Do I have my admin systems and processes captured in a manual?
  • Do I have an assistant/exec assistant/VA to help with admin systems if I don’t have a full time admin?
  • Does my admin/assistant have a clear plan for: daily and weekly structures/systems to follow to keep the well oiled machine going and report to me every friday?


#7. Customer Service:  Do I have a clear customer service ‘touch system’ so that every customer has the same great experience from start to finish? 


  • Do I have clarity in my customer service (the customer experience?) (from the first phone call to the end of their engagement)?
  • Do I have a way/structure to ‘evaluate’ my customer’s issues/breakdowns? 
  • Do I have customer service systems in place that we are accountable for daily?
  • Do I make my customers feel loved and taken care of so they become raving fans?
  • Do I fix the issues/breakdowns that I hear from customers of or do I avoid them?



  1. Quality Assurance: Do I have a way to do retain my quality and to retain my customers? 



  • Do people love to buy over and over again from me (year after year or product after product)?
  • Do I offer services or products that people can buy over and over or just once?
  • Do I encourage people to refer me/do people like referring me? 
  • Do I have a consistent referral system?
  • Do I have a system to ‘listen’ to my customers and work on the things that are not working?
  • If I don’t retain customers do I know why?
  • Do I keep serving customers with new/next services or products?
  • Do I retain the quality of my products/services? How?

Now, add up how many of the 8 answers you answered ‘yes’ to and see below..

Below see your scores…

  • Answered 7-8 questions with yes? On fire year  – I can help you stay at the top!
  • Answered 5-6 questions with yes? Breakthrough year – I can help you keep focus!
  • Answered 3-4 questions with yes? Growth year  – I can help you grow!
  • Answered 1-2 questions with yes? Beginning years  – I can help you with it all!

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