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These 8 Pillars can make you 20-50% more Income and 100% more Impact when they are a well-oiled machine! Take the following quiz to find which pillar is robbing your income & impact:


1. Answer the questions honestly
2. Track your answers to the following 8 questions to see if you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’


#1. Greatness/vision: Do I live and lead the business from my greatness, vision, values and purpose daily (all decisions in all areas)? Do I know what it looks like when we are off track to our vision? Do I hire, fire and lead from my values and greatness every single day. Do I have a CLEAR 3 year vision of where I’m taking my business? Do I lead my team with clarity, communication and greatness?

#2. Financials: Do I have a clear financial system for tracking sales, expenses and knowing my numbers weekly & monthly? Do I have tax strategy that makes sense to my business? Do I get paid, and pay my bills, on time with an easy system?

 #3. Marketing: Do I create and maintain clear and effective marketing strategies for my business growth online and offline? Do I have a daily and weekly schedule to sustain my marketing. Do I have a WOW factor in my brand experience? Is my brand consistant across all platforms and I’m clear in who we are and who we aren’t?

#4. Target Market: Do I know who my champagne customers (ideal customers) are and how to build relationships with them? Do I attract the those customers on a weekly basis with specific marketing efforts? Does my marketing attract the right ideal customer who needs my products/services?

#5. Sales: Does my sales team and I know how to have an authentic conversation that converts fans into paying customers? Do I have a clean, consistent sales system that is automated to help me close sales?

#6. Administrative: Do my systems for admin and HR run like a well-oiled machine day-to-day? Do I have a system for emails, calendar/schedule, meetings, paperwork, billing etc.? Do I have someone who runs this area of the business that is not me/the owner?

#7. Customer Service:Do I have a clear customer service ‘touch system’ so that every customer has the same great experience with my company from start to finish?  Do I have someone who runs this area of the business that is not me/the owner? Do I listen (and social listen) for opportunities of WOW.

#8. Quality Assurance: Do I have a consistent way to maintain the quality of my services/products? Do I have a way to retain my customers and keep them delighted? Do I have a way to survey my customers to get their feedback and/or testimonials? Do I post/share my customers testimonials on my website/social/yelp?

Now, add up how many of the 8 answers you answered ‘yes’ to and see below..

Below see your scores…

  • Answered 7-8 questions with yes? On fire year  – I can help you stay at the top!
  • Answered 5-6 questions with yes? Breakthrough year – I can help you keep focus!
  • Answered 3-4 questions with yes? Growth year  – I can help you grow!
  • Answered 1-2 questions with yes? Beginning years  – I can help you with it all!

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YOUR COACH: Dena Patton
I help business owners and leaders create and accomplish greatness games that they never thought were possible. My name is Dena Patton and it has been a blessing to be a business coach to over 1000 clients in the last 20 years and I love what I do. I work with world-changing leaders and value-based entrepreneurs to help them build GREAT businesses. I want to invite you to join me for this Greatness CEO mastermind retreat because I only offer this program 1-2 times a year! There is nothing better than powerful women using their gifts, elevating their greatness and accomplishing their goals together. This cohort is designed to get you results and help you win in big ways.  I am a no-fluff coach that is going to stand for your vision, greatness, impact and income growing to new EPIC heights! All coaches are NOT created equal. I hope you will join us! Join our newsletter list here to be notified of our upcoming retreats and events.

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I coach two types of world-changing entrepreneurs:
1. You are growing your vision and you own a company with revenues $100k-$1M
2. You are building or scaling your vision and you own a company with revenues of $1M-$5M++

I specialize in coaching three areas of business:

1. The Marketing & Sales Plan, Systems & Execution To Increase Profits

2. The Admin & Customer Service Systems (the back end stuff you hate) To Expand Your Business Growth
3. The Greatness Mindset to Elevate Your Vision, Purpose & Leadership to Play Bigger

All coaches are not created equal

Dena’s Promise: To help you make the income and the impact you want.

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