Take the ‘8 Areas Quiz’ below


Take the following quiz to find the area of your business that is robbing your income & impact:


1. Answer the questions honestly
2. Track your answers to the following 8 questions to see if you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’


#1. Greatness/vision: Do I live and lead the business from my greatness, vision, values and purpose daily (all decisions in all areas)? Do I know what it looks like when we are off track to our vision?


#2. Financials: Do I have a clear financial system for tracking sales, expenses and knowing my numbers weekly & monthly? Do I have tax strategy that makes sense to my business?


 #3. Marketing: Do I create and maintain clear and effective marketing strategies for my business growth online and offline? Do I have a daily and weekly schedule to sustain my marketing.


    #4. Target Market: Do I know who my champagne customers (ideal customers) are and how to build relationships with them? Do I attract the those customers on a weekly basis with specific marketing efforts?


    #5. Sales: Does my sales team and I know how to have an authentic conversation that converts fans into paying customers? Do I have a clean, consistent sales system that is automated to help me close sales? Does my marketing attract the right ideal customer who needs my products/services?


    #6. Administrative: Do my systems for admin and HR run like a well-oiled machine day-to-day? Do I have a system for emails, calendar/schedule, meetings, paperwork, billing etc.? Do I have someone who runs this area of the business that is not me/the owner?


    #7. Customer Service:  Do I have a clear customer service ‘touch system’ so that every customer has the same great experience with my company from start to finish?  Do I have someone who runs this area of the business that is not me/the owner?

    #8. Quality Assurance: Do I have a consistent way to maintain the quality of my services/products? Do I have a way to retain my customers and keep them delighted? Do I have a way to survey my customers to get their feedback and/or testimonials? Do I post/share my customers testimonials on my website/social/yelp?

     Now, add up how many of the 8 answers you answered ‘yes’ to and see below..

    Below see your scores…

    • Answered 7-8 questions with yes? On fire year  – I can help you stay at the top!
    • Answered 5-6 questions with yes? Breakthrough year – I can help you keep focus!
    • Answered 3-4 questions with yes? Growth year  – I can help you grow!
    • Answered 1-2 questions with yes? Beginning years  – I can help you with it all!

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