VIP Day Private 1:1 Sessions

VIP SESSION For Individuals 

Dena spends a full or half-day 1:1 with you tackling your issues, challenges, and dreams head-on. She brings her 20 years of coaching experience to help you get the results you need from your VIP session.

A VIP session can be used to strategize on the big ideas or work on a big challenge you have. A VIP session is the fastest way to the result you want. Don’t handle big challenges or big opportunities alone! This VIP Session gets you the results, shifts, and answers in the fastest way possible. Only 3 spots available per month.

Dena can help you build the systems to be a well-oiled company, the strategy to be a well-marketed company, and the greatness mindset to be a well-led company that makes the revenue and the difference you want. Bring your biggest challenge or your biggest dream to this VIP day and we are going to create solutions and strategies for your business.

During your VIP session, we can handle 1-2 challenges/opportunities that are important to you.


Here are just a few ideas from past VIP clients:

  • Create a powerful, monthly marketing and PR plan to reach more people
  • Identify the systems that are missing so you can get the business well-running and off of you!
  • Create your 1-3 year vision and get clarity on the goals to get there
  • Get clarity on your target market and who you sell to and how to reach them
  • Create your consultation system so you are at ease when selling your services
  • Get unstuck to create your next big move so you can take your dream to the next level
  • Create your billing system so you get paid and it doesn’t bog you down
  • Create your marketing language so more people buy from you
  • Create your sales plans and sales pipeline so you make more money
  • Complete your brand alignment so you land powerfully all the time
  • Tighten up your landing language so you explain your business confidently
  • Create your customer service system so you get more repeat customers
  • Activate a new level of leadership so you can be the CEO/leader you need to be
  • Get out of smallness and master your greatness mindset so barriers never stop you again
  • Or let’s work on other issues, barriers or strategies you specifically need to build your business.

Take Dena’s Quick 8 Areas Quiz Here to find out which area/s you want to work on.

Dena works with you directly (and your partner if applicable) and there’s no fluff, just clear, powerful results.

She will coach you in discovering new levels of greatness you never knew you had, then you start building the epic things that you never knew were possible. Her Greatness Methodology is a proven approach that you won’t get anywhere else.

Read what past clients have said about how helpful Dena’s coaching has been for them, read testimonials here.

VIP Pricing and travel options are below.


Dena‘s insight into business, mindset, and marketing are an extremely potent mix. With her coaching, I broke through mindset barriers, began attracting higher-quality clients, and improved our operations to serve our authors at a much deeper level. As a result, our revenues doubled in two years. I’m more courageous, smarter, and making a bigger impact thanks to her coaching.”

Nicole Gebhardt. CEO, Niche Pressworks. Book Publishing House.

Dena coached me through probably one of the biggest business (and personal) challenges I’ve experienced since starting my business more than 10 years ago. She helped me shift my thinking to adopt a greatness mindset and get back to being the confident leader I had lost touch with over the years. If I had to describe working with Dena in a word, it would be “transformational.”
Beth Cochran, CEO, WiredPR

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Two VIP Investment Options:

Gold VIP Session $1200

Let’s handle your biggest issues or opportunities:

  • Includes a pre-session survey for powerful clarity
  • Full research/analysis of your survey and website prior to the session
  • A 3.5 hour session with Dena on Zoom (or live in Phx, AZ)
  • A write up of the session/recommended next step action plan
  • A list of Dena’s top tips and resources if needed
  • A 45 minute follow up coaching call the following week.
  • Ready to go? Book a quick call with Dena here.

Platinum VIP Session $2200

8.5 hours total with you 

  • Includes a pre-session survey for powerful clarity
  • Full research/analysis of your survey and website prior to the session
  • A 30 minute pre-session clarity call
  • The 6 hour session with Dena Live or on Zoom
  • A write up of the session and recommended step-by-step action plan
  • Two 1 hour follow up coaching calls the following week
  • Ready to go? Book a quick call with Dena here.

Out of town?

Book Dena to come to you. Out of town VIP session per day = $3500 + travel expenses

Ready to go?

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