We all love the freedom of being an entrepreneur, but the scary part is that you have to generate your own paycheck. Every single week! There’s no showing up and getting paid because you are on the corporate payroll. Which means, not only, do you have to have a great service or product that solves people problems, but you have to be decent at sales and marketing. Without marketing and sales skills and plans we often get stuck in a constant panic of failing financials, which is not great for our mind, body or spirit. Maybe you started your business because you had a great idea, passion or calling but it got buried under worry, overwhelm and stress? This is the good news…sales and marketing is a learned skill. None of us were born knowing how to market or sell ourselves, but don’t let that stop you from achieving your dreams and greatest goals! With a few simple tools you CAN increase your customers and revenue. Whether your revenue goals are $40k, $400k or $4M it takes a plan.

I’ve been a business and marketing coach for 14 years but before I started my coaching practice I owned a PR and marketing company in NYC. However,  marketing my PR services were very different than marketing ‘me’ as a coach. It changed the game and it was uncomfortable for a while. Marketing and sales are complex, I agree it can feel like a monster at times, however with a system and game plan it can actually be fun. I’ve always used my formula on my businesses but 3 years ago I finally took the time to pull the 7 steps I use in building a marketing strategy “out of my head” and put it into a system that others can follow with ease. Having a marketing plan to achieve your revenue goals will bring peace, ease and fun back into your workday. We learn quickly that hope is not a good business strategy, but I promise that once you have a plan it changes the game. If you understand just these four tips it can increase revenue: 1. how marketing supports sales goals (not the other way around) 2. how to language yourself such that people love buying from you 3. how to automate and schedule the daily/weekly marketing tasks 4. how to attract the ideal customers that needs and wants your product/service.

Now if you are in a situation where you are looking to pay the mortgage and need cash immediately, I recommend doing something simple like a flash sale or a bundle sale. Remember the offer has to be clear, focused and easy to say yes to. I’ve seen clients make $4,000 to $50,000 in a few days this way. But that is not a long term solution you still need a marketing plan. I am blessed to work with extraordinary entrepreneurs who want to make a great difference in the world and make a great living. As we reflect on the year and start to plan for the biggest and best year yet, I invite you to create a powerful marketing and sales plan. The good news is that I can help. I don’t always offer this session because I’ve been too booked the last few months, but it is my most popular because it’s the most affordable and fastest coaching package I offer, and it will help you create (or uplevel) your marketing and sales plan.

It’s called HELP! I Need a Marketing Strategy. It is 3.5 hours one-one-one Skype with me where we BUILD your marketing and sales plan, marketing language and daily marketing tasks.

Imagine that you have a revenue goal that you achieve month after month after month. What would that feel like? What would be possible for your family and your dreams? Your business is a platform for good and your dreams are possible with a plan in place.


I hope this inspired you to be open to creating a marketing and sales plan. It is worth it and when you turn your mission into movement and movement into momentum you will thank yourself!


I help entrepreneurs build a well-oiled, well-marketed, well-led GREAT COMPANY that changes the world. Read my bio here if you are new to my brand.


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