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HELP! I Need a Marketing Strategy!

Help! I Need a Marketing Strategy is a 1-on-1 Session That Helps You Create a Marketing & Sales Strategy For Your Business!

In today’s market it’s crucial to have a clear marketing and sales strategy that is systematized and scheduled. If this one area of your business is not planned out powerfully, then you are probably winging it or struggling to keep it going.

Don’t do it yourself and don’t pay thousands of dollars for an agency or social media person without doing this clarity and planning session FIRST.

A few ways this session can make a greater difference and a greater revenue for you:

  • marketing audit and branding audit -what works and what doesn’t in your brand
  • create powerful ‘marketing language’ – that will grow your business with velocity
  • learn Dena’s 7 step marketing chart – to understand the flow of your marketing step by step (no one is born knowing this!)
  • learn to market better to your ideal target market – learn the keys to language your business for them
  • daily marketing and sales tasks – understand what to do daily and weekly to hit your revenue goals
  • Get clarity of the sales goals – get clear how sales will be fulfilled – changes the game!

Ask yourself these 4 questions about your marketing:

  1. Do my ideal customers really KNOW what I do?
  2. Do my ideal customers QUICKLY get my value and understand the solutions I am offering?
  3. Do my ideal customers LOVE to buy my products/services over and over, and become raving fans?
  4. Do I have my marketing and sales systems in place so it runs like a well-oiled machine?

I’ve been a business coach for 14 years and and have owned 4 businesses, one of them being owning a PR and marketing company in NYC. I help you in all 8 areas of business or I can help you just in the  area of sales and marketing strategies so your business works like you want it to.

“This session ROCKS and gives you the sales and marketing plans you need to build your revenue and your impact”

Individual Strategy Session $997

This Session Includes:

  • a pre-session survey for you to get your crystal clear on the results you want
  • Dena does a full research/analysis/audit of your current marketing materials prior to the session
  • a 3 hour Zoom (video call) session with Dena or live in Phoenix, Arizona
  • a write up of the session and recommended step-by-step action plan
  • Dena’s top tips and resources to grow your business (invaluable!)


Simply pay above with PP or credit card, and then email us to schedule the date – at

Group Workshop $99 per person

Hands-On, Game-Changing Marketing & Sales Class For Entrepreneurs.

This class is 4 hours at your location. Dena will teach your group, in-depth, her 7 part branding + marketing + sales process so you can master your marketing and sales so you can make a great living and make a great difference with your business!

$99 per person for your group of 10 or more in the Phoenix area. Also available in a speech/breakout format. Call us today to book it 602-327-2619! This class sells out and is a great way to get your group or association together for great marketing and sales training.

Investment Only $99 per person (min of 10 people). Out of state available please inquire with us.

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“The information was way beyond my expectations. Anyone out there that wants to get clear on their marketing strategies MUST work with Dena.” Andrea Brundage

Professional Organizer, helping people find money, time and peace of mind

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