As I finish writing my book Igniting Greatness I am so present to the two distinctions and how impactful they are on my personal life.  If I rewound my life 15 years and knew what I know now my life would be drastically different. The biggest thing I wish I knew as a teenager/young adult is that I will always have two voices in my head, smallness voice and greatness voice, and I have a choice which one I listen to. I don’t know about you but I can be having a powerful day that is centered in God/love/my best self/my power (aka Greatness) where I feel empowered and on top of the world. But then the very next moment smallness comes in for a sneak attack. WHAT!?? “Smallness attacks”, as I call them in my book, can just crash bomb us out of the blue. Our smallness voice is the demeaning, deflating and sabotaging thing that keep us small, safe and playing a whole different game than our greatness.

The one thing that can you can do to transform the habit of listening to your smallness voice into listening to your greatness voice is this; know what your smallness sounds like. Mine usually says 3 things: you can’t do it, you are too dumb, or you are alone. See, when you can identify your smallness it is easier to give it a ‘red flag’ and ‘hear it’ when it is flared up. When you are aware of it then you can start to see how it plays and tricks you. At that moment, when you catch it, you have a choice. You can turn it down or turn it up. I suggest you turn it down and turn up your greatness. It’s a daily practice, one smallness attack at a time.


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