This post is about our smallness and our greatness.

Gandhi’s quote “be the change you want to see in the world”.  BE peace. But how the heck do you get there?  I have a few thoughts that might help but it takes a willingness to demand of yourself that you will no longer listen to the doubts, judgements and criticism in your head (which I call our smallness). These are fear-based thoughts. These often come from a place I call our smallness – you know it’s the little voice inside our head that is demeaning, sabotaging, doubting, unforgiving and fearful.  The opposite of that is our greatness. Greatness is the gateway to power, freedom, love, forgiveness and your greatest version of YOU.

The person who does not forgive must judge because she has to justify her failure to forgive. Our smallness wants to us to stay very RIGHT (which makes others wrong) and to stay very right we have to stay unforgiving and judgmental (which then leads to more anger, resentment and fear) – do you see the viscous cycle? Yet we pretend that we don’t have it going on. If you are human you have this going on. We can pretend our way through the day, the months and the years!  Don’t you see that this is the problem that follows you like a hungry puppy from town to town, relationship to relationship and to job to job? The answer is love and forgiveness. period. I know it sounds ‘hokey’ but that is the bottom line. Why do you think that every inspirational quote and every song is about love?  It IS what it’s all about. We were all born of and with greatness (love) but through time we develop our smallness, and it’s up to us which we listen to and which one we allow lead our life.

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We aren’t talking about being ‘IN’ love, but instead BEING love. THAT is what life is about.  When you truly know your greatness it will allow you to forgive and love freely. The result from forgiving and loving is not a whole bunch of hippies singing kumbaya on your front porch, but instead a life where money, people and opportunities start flowing through you in abundance. It’s a place you can hear your own truth/intuition/heart!  You are no longer a dam where things gets stuck. Or a yo-yo that goes between smallness one minute and greatness the next. To live from your greatness is to know liberation. Imagine your life where there is no viscous cycle in your heart, your life or your career. Pretty cool right? It starts with this practice: not listening to your smallness…pretend your smallness and your greatness are radio dials and every time you hear your smallness you turn it down and repeat ‘you do not serve my highest self I do not need you’, then reach over and turn up your greatness. This practice will RETRAIN your thoughts from small/negative to great/positive and why that is important is because your thoughts become beliefs, your beliefs become your actions, and your actions become your life.  Soooo if you want a different life then it starts with your thoughts. To be the greatest version of yourself it takes willingness to ‘catch’ smallness when it is talking to you, whispering to you,  and playing you. It knows how to play you and knows how to trigger you into your doubts and fears. But that’s just because you never really knew it was going on since it’s in the background of our mind. But now, this is a game-changer since you now know what is going on! You are now in control and every time you “hear” your smallness (read a blog on that here) you are going to switch “radio dials” to listen to your greatness. This habit will create a new world for you, new possibilities for you and new levels of joy, connectedness, love, money, and opportunities.


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