Have you ever felt so overwhelmed like you were going to break into a million pieces?  Me too.

Been there done that. I thought it was “a way of life” until I learned it was a choice. A choice that I could change!  You might be running at 125%, which IF that was in terms of money, you are living above your means. You will have a breaking point.  Mine was at 26 with a minor stroke – it helped me realize it was ME that was doing it. Managing our lives (our choices and what we say yes to) is up to us – it is our accountability! When we take that accountability for our life and our choices and we no longer shame or blame our spouse, our mother, our boss, our business partner etc. then WE have the freedom and power to change it.  I’ve met so many people (especially women) who have experienced the 125% spin cycle of life, and with it they often got disease or divorce, and in some cases death. But as important, you don’t have time to nurture your talents, gifts, greatness and purpose and share them with the world!  The super-amazing job is great, but it’s not as great as you… alive, present, and joyful without the disease, divorce or any other negative thing hanging around. What if you could have a super-cool job without killing yourself…or a relationship that doesn’t completely deplete you …or a schedule that honors you instead of kills you. It comes down to you and the choices you make. It’s having the courage (and honesty) to say, I’m not “just working late” I’m actually working myself to death.

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When we are running at 125% spin cycle we are pretty much worthless to what matters most, although we feel like we are accomplishing everything, in fact we are not.  Here’s my biggest lesson…When we are running at 125%; God can not access us (we are too busy to hear him), your spouse can not access you (you are not present to love and be loved), your business can not access you (you are spinning too fast to see what is really going on) and your kids can not access you (you are not connecting because you are too busy ‘doing’). It is the slimy tricks of smallness that loves to keep us in overwhelm and spinning at 125% – it’s the way smallness keeps a grip on us so that there’s no way we could access our greatness. To truly win the greatness game I suggest that you start ‘catching’ smallness games (like overwhelm, spinning, crazy-busyness etc) and smallness attacks (read blog here) It is through years of speaking and coaching that I have seen the devastation that 125% will do on our lives and it is my passion to help remind you that you don’t have to be Superwoman/Superman to love and be loved and to fulfill your purpose without killing yourself. Sometimes we just get caught up in accomplishing everything to everyone and fulfilling on a childhood ‘story’ that if we get an ‘A’ at work we will somehow earn our parents approval.  My hope is that this article will inspire you to manage your capacity (your daily schedule) at about 80%-85% (at tops) and feel the rush of love, connectedness, listening, God, your customers, your family and yourself in WHOLE new ways. It is in those moments that life will take your breathe away with joy, meaning and love because you will be present. To read my Entrepreneur article called “Is Your Business Killing You” click here.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5

A day filled with joy, meaning and love that I will treasure forever…our first family photo shoot!

Cheers to becoming a Superfreak for joy, love and being present!


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