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It’s now been a year since I started the Greatness Marketing Academy where I took my 17 years of entrepreneurship and marketing experience to create a 7 part marketing process that helps entrepreneurs make their business dreams a reality. I have taught the class now 20 times and I LOVE it because it rocks people’s world! I was determined to create a way to teach branding + marketing + sales all together in one simple training.  If you are like most entrepreneurs you wish you had a magic marketing fairy who did all your marketing and sales for you. I understand completely, but today’s blog is to give you the outline of my process so you can start to see the flow of how branding, markeitng and sales are very different, but yet have to work together. The process to ‘capture’ something that you have been doing for a while isn’t easy. It’s all in your head and you know it well, but to put it to words to teach others wasn’t my strong suit. Now that I have taught it many time I have been able to see what works and what doesn’t in my explaination. Today

Greatness Marketing Academy introduces 7 Steps to Great Marketing Success:
1. Get rooted in Greatness & Vision first. =- know what your value and solutions are.
2. Create your Brand promise & Brand identity that is throughout your business
3. Understand your Sales: numbers, tangibles & intangibles (no one will tell you this one!)
4. Know who is your Target Market and how and why they buy from you
5. Create powerful Landing Language that “calls” your target market to you
6. Plan your Marketing distribution well and reach your target market in ways they can hear it
7. Be clear in how you Nurture your potential clients so they can get to know you

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After teaching the first 100 people in this training I can tell you that everyone tells me that “number 3 and 5 are not taught anywhere else”. Additionally if you don’t start with #1 and #2 the rest will be build on unstable ‘ground’. 1 and 2 are the foundation of a smart marketing and sales plan.

What questions do you have about this, comment below.



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6 thoughts on “Dena Patton Blog: 7 Steps to Great Marketing Success

  1. I help women to overcome emotional eating so they can lose weight and live a healthier and happier life. Dena has a way of taking the “monster” out of marketing. Her energy and knowledge are a powerful combination, but her love and gentleness as she guides you helps keep it all in perspective. Since taking “Market Like You Mean It” class and mastermind program, I have become clearer in my message which has allowed me to truly step into my greatness and share with others how I can help them. I have been presented with several opportunities in ways I never imagined and am excited about where my future is going to take me. Thank you Dena for all your help and support…you are truly a Greatness Marketing Master.

    1. Michelle, I love seeing your greatness shine in the world! The work you provide is foundational and so important to people’s wellness, and we both know if you have your wellness you have unlimited possibilities in life and business. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hello Dena:

    About my business and what is has to offer

    Having been an entrepreneur for 14 years in june, and almost lost my company in 2008, I’m proud to say I feel we have survived and even stronger. Offering a skincare line that has physician strength ingredients and percentages…Offered for 10 years ONLY to licensed professionals, we are now selling to consumers same products sold to physicians, spas, etc.

    We are online with Haute Look, Zulilly, Rue La La, Ideeli, Groupon and have our own on line store.

    I just opened up a small retail outlet at Sola Salon Studios by Paradise Valley Mall with my grand-daughter (kaila), this is our little family owned salon.

    In our boutique, you will find Derma MD Skincare, hair extensions services, boutique items and makeup with professional makeovers by kaila in the very near future. I feel I’ve come a long way and will continue to grow further and expand the line. You have offered me great direction with your class and I will be sending my manager who handles a lot of the marketing at your next class this Friday.

    1. Sheila, I love your commitment to women and skin care! It’s not an easy industry to be in, but you are thriving because of the awesome products and amazing passion. Congratulations on your 14 years! I look forward to meeting your team soon!

  3. Dena, in an age where advice and coaching are slammed in your (virtual) face, what you offer your clients is worth investing in.

    I have a radio show, am an author and speaker. Not long ago I lamented about not having any special talent, certifications or awards that qualify/validate me.

    You reminded me of the talents and gifts I use daily and affirmed the way I make a point of following God’s lead as I use my gifts. You helped me identify my “Bold Living” brand and expertise.

    More recently you looked at a page that’s being created for my website. You offered some kind words of praise then told me you were going to rip it to shreds because it didn’t have “landing language”…

    Each of us needs brilliant people in our lives who really care about our success, but also have the resources and knowledge to guide us. Dena, you are certainly that person.

    1. Diane, you are so bold and brilliant and God is indeed doing great work through you. You inspire others to live boldly and love life! I love your radio show and love seeing your brand grow!

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