“Because we don’t know what is really important to us, everything seems important. Because everything seems important, we have to do everything. Other people, unfortunately, see us as doing everything, so they expect us to do everything. Doing everything keeps us so busy, we don’t have time to think about what is really important.” -Anonymous

In this busy world of multiple roles & responsibilities it’s sometimes hard to listen to that little voice inside of us that says ‘you have greatness inside of you’. We ignore it and hope for the best, but sometimes it results in resentment, anger and resentment.  If you are like me all you want to do is follow your purpose, your dreams and your greatness which would be the biggest gift to the world, ourselves, others and God. But we convince ourselves that it is ‘bad’ and we shouldn’t do that or maybe that we do that in our ‘spare time’.  We can get caught up in our P&L, board members, layoffs or our competitors which I call the ‘smallness’ game. Sometimes we lose our vision and what our company was all about in the first place.  I encourage you to step into your greatness and remember that BIG vision you have for yourself and allow your company to be the platform to deliver it!

Let’s start off with 3 baby steps and go from there.

  • Basics: know your top 3-4 priorities/whats most important to you. (see the quote at the top of the page)
  • Balance: organize your schedule to prioritize your basics on a regular basis (daily/weekly or monthly) this is the practice of saying yes to the things that matter most.
  • Boundaries: the ability to manage your capacity/schedule so you don’t get overwhelmed/burdened/burnt out/divorce/disease, which means no booking yourself more than 80% daily (practice saying no) (read about my blog on that here).

Creating a life you love really comes down to choice making. Will you “give in” to smallness OR will you honor your greatness and create a life you love?


When it comes to choice making/priority making here’s a few questions you can ask yourself:

  1. If I say ‘yes’ to this what am I saying ‘no’ to? (you can’t say yes to everything – manage your capacity ladies!)
  2. Does this choice honor my greatness, my purpose, my time, and my boundaries?
  3. What is motivating me to do this? (an old pattern, story or yearning for approval?)



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