Today’s Marketing Blog is a guest blog from a brilliant marketing and advertising expert Russ Perry who is the CEO of I love this list because every business owner needs a few quick, creative and affordable marketing ideas at a moment’s notice. So here we go:











  1. Facebook Photo Contest

Your audience shares a passion – so bring that passion to life with a contest to bring them together. Every day solicit a photo for 1 week around a specific topic. That topic could be seasonal (holidays), business related or just off the beaten path (best photo of someone sleeping). Collect the top photos by shares & likes and feature that fan in more depth, not to mention award them a great prize!

  1. Instagram 15-Second Answer

For common questions or challenges in your specific niche, record yourself giving a 15-second answer on Instagram through their video feature. If you can, talk to the specific person by name as it will make the content far more personal. Do this every day for a month, using #hashtags and @nametags to those involved or brands and people related to your answer.

  1. Start a Podcast

Starting a podcast in the year 2015 AD takes no more than an afternoon of time. Pick a topic you’re passionate about – and it doesn’t have to be directly connected to your business – and get talking! At Design Pickle I started The Pickle Juice Podcast to cover topics around what I found interesting and innovative as it relates to creative people and disruptive technology. So far we’ve built a great following just having fun!

  1. Blow up your Pinterest

Pinterest is still going strong and it is the mecca for memes and graphics surrounding your business. What you can feature visually is endless, be it a quote, illustration, 1-2-3 step guide, infographic or highlighting your product. With a service like Design Pickle you could do a meme a day for 30 days sharing all the nuggets of wisdom that you come across, in a nice branded fashion.

  1. Create custom business cards for every event you attend

Business cards are still the lifeblood of event marketing; why not create a custom one for each event you attend? With printing as low as $30 bucks for a set you can have a specific message tailored the attendees that helps you stand out and be more memorable.

  1. Never miss a marketing opportunity

How many times have you missed a chance to market your business only because your designer couldn’t move fast enough? Seeing Design Pickle offers next business-day turnaround, as soon as you can think it, you can have it! This could be fliers for an event your hosting, business cards for the brand new team member or a sign for the event you sponsored last minute.

  1. Get your swag on

Have you ever been to a professional sports event when they give out free t-shirts? People go nuts as if the shirts were made of gold. Get you and your team decked out in t-shirts and swag and people will notice; especially if you’re in a service based business. With on-demand shirt printing, you can get 1 or 1,000 done fast and affordable.

  1. Bring your words to life

If you are a speaker, your slides are an important part of your brand and services. Create graphics, quotes and logos for your talk that impress your audience and attract them to buy from you. Never ever use clip art when awesome custom graphics can be executed in less time than it takes to find that horrible photo of two people shaking hands.

  1. Market your presentations on is a website where you can upload you presentations for free and share them with the world to see. What most people don’t know is that it’s has some amazing SEO juice when it comes to search results. Put your best of hits on the platform – backed by some awesome slide designs of course – and watch the leads come in.

      10. Host a weekly mastermind

Getting like-minded folks together is a great way to spur more great ideas, but also be seen as an authority in your space. This could be with clients or with peers, but taking the time and effort to coordinate a weekly or monthly event will pay out in dividends from the connections you’re able to make. Want to take it a step further? Have Design Pickle come up with fun memes and graphics to market it through your social media channels.







At Design Pickle they help small businesses execute their day-to-day graphic design for only $195 a month. I wish I knew about it years ago!! Whether it’s a meme,  a social media graphic, a banner, an ad or a business card, never let design get in the way of your marketing greatness!

About the Author
Russ Perry is an Arizonan native and has spent the last 10 years working with brands such as Apple, LG, Morgan Stanley and the Harlem Globetrotters. In 2014 he founded Design Pickle, a startup that provides unlimited graphic design help for only $195 per month. Russ believes there is a better way to get your day-to-day graphic design done and it doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune or even worse – take up all your time. Learn more about Russ and his startup at my affiliate link:



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