Before you can get to winning your greatness games, we have to UNlearn and UNbelieve our smallness voice. I’ve been teaching this process to leaders and entrepreneurs since 2001 to help them achieve their wildest dreams. But the process can work for EVERYONE.

See, we were all born with a smallness voice and a greatness voice, but we forget that we have the power to choose which ONE to listen to. At any moment in any situation, we can choose to listen to our greatness voice. For most of us that greatness voice has been drowned out by all the years of the smallness voice yelling at us. We forget that we even have a greatness voice. But you do. It takes time and practice to hear it again, but it’s there.

We can get triggered in many “smallness attacks” a day, that’s when the smallness voice “triggers us” by saying something demeaning or dis-empowering and WE believe it. You know those moments when it whispers, “you can’t do that” or “no way will you get that big client”. What if you REtrained your mindset to turn down the smallness voice and only listened to your greatness voice? You are powerful beyond measure and you were born with gifts and greatness, however we were also born into a society that loves to tell us that we aren’t enough and how our bodies, our dreams, our finances, our homes, our love, our beauty, and our intelligence need to be fixed (thank you to the advertising industry). So our inner smallness voice gets loads of validation every time we see a commercial or a magazine.

Whenever you have a smallness attack you will instantly get disempowered and feel deflated. Then you just want to go eat a cheeseburger or take a nap. Well, if that happens a few times a week, or a few times a day then it will be extremely hard to pursue a passion, a purpose, a calling, a dream or a goal.  I want you to crush your smallness voice! You have the power to turn down your smallness voice and not listen to it. Every time you hear your smallness voice turn it down for the next 21 days. This will help you create a new habit of mastering your greatness mindset. Once you start living, loving and leading from your greatness your life will drastically change.

In my new book, The Greatness Game, I help you crush smallness so you start to hear your greatness only. I give you 115 tips to win your greatness games by living, loving and leading from your greatness. Get your book here.

So, the challenge today is to come out of agreement with any smallness statements you have. (I’m not good enough, I’m the wrong color, I’m from the wrong family, I’m too broke, I’m too broken, I’m a bad leader, I’m too dumb, I’m unlovable etc). Whatever you believe is the direction your life goes, so identifying these smallness statements and coming out of agreement/unbelieving them will immediately shift the direction of your life.

As long as you believe your smallness statements they will limit your dreams, your life, your finances and your potential. Smallness wants you to stay small and fearful so it can control you. It’s like an abusive friend, it’s job is to beat you down so you stay small in your comfort zone. But now you have the choice to break up with it.  In the book I give you many tips to start living from your greatness and help you BREAK up with smallness.   Your smallness wants to keep you in your comfort zone (safe, small, scared), however I’ve never seen anyone achieve their big dreams from their comfort zone. It’s OK to be scared, so leave your comfort zone and listen to your greatness voice. The world needs you.

Your greatness is already in you, you just have to own it, ignite it and SHARE it!

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