One of the ways I educate and encourage women and girls to stand in their greatness is through a local nonprofit I started with 3 friends in 2008.


Brilliant. Beautiful. Bold. That has been our dream for every young lady that has entered, and will enter, a Girls Rule! event or program. Why? Because we are a 501c3 nonprofit that creates life-changing programs for girls to help them build bright futures. To accomplish THAT we have to be brilliant, beautiful and bold not only in our commitment to the girls but with our community who is helping us make a difference. We teach the girls 4 principles and we start with our first principal: 1. building and maintain [brilliant, beautiful and bold] self-confidence. We help them from the inside out and from there we teach them three additional principles: 2.  How to make wise and healthy choices  3. Leadership skills that will help them set and achieve goals   4. Building a future step-by-step plan (mapping) and identify the tools, resources & education to make that future happen.

Girls Rule! is about changing the world, one girl at a time.


“This event helped me picture my future and be able to achieve what I want.” Disnny, age 17


That’s brilliant. And beautiful. And bold. (read tons of testimonials here)

Through our workshops, online messaging (our Brilliant, Beautiful and Bold campaign) and Annual summits we have reached over 500 girls this year. With the programs and technology we are putting in place for 2014 we are hoping to reach 5,000 girls or more. When a girl has a clear map of her future combined with the confidence in herself to make it happen that girl is likely to stay on track, dream big and stay in school through college which is the goal of Girls Rule! We will continue offering our programs at no cost for schools, groups and organizations and build our BBB campaign to reach and lift thousands of girls so that they have the tools to build a bright future.

Inspiration for Girls Rule! comes from friends like you who see the value of investing in the lives of young women who could truly make a difference. Since 2005, we have been a small self-funded organization working with girls. However, we officially earned our 501c3 status in 2013, which allows us to be limitless in our outreach. I am personally committed to seeing the Girls Rule! programs and campaigns touch thousands of girls’ lives from all walks of life. We are excited for our new website, our new partnerships with schools and organizations and for the ongoing community of fans and supporters that are empowering this all to be possible.  Together we help girls become contributions to their families, schools, communities, themselves and the world. I’m asking you to do something brilliant, beautiful and bold as well. I’m asking you to invest in the life of a young lady – a young lady who just may be the world’s next great difference-maker, the next great teacher, the next great doctor, or the next great engineer.  Below are just a few ways your end-of-year giving can make a difference:

–       $10 a month – you will be a part of our BBB campaign

–       $59 will scholarship one girl to our annual summit

–      $250 will sponsor 600 BBB bracelets for the girls who go through our program

We know many worthy groups ask for your support and we thank you for your consideration to support Girls Rule and our vision to help create a generation of girls who dream big and know they have the skills and confidence to make them happen.  If you are called to donate simply send your tax-deductible donation to:

Girls Rule 4340 E. Indian School Rd #21143 Phx, AZ 85018  or you can go on-line (for all the options above) at and donate. Or, simply call 480-282-4242 – we can take credit cards over the phone too.

Thank you in advance for seeing the value in educating and empowering young women. There is nothing better than giving these young ladies the opportunity to step into the greatness for which their lives have been called and have a plan for their powerful future.


I can’t think of anything more brilliant, beautiful or bold…


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