We all have projects, promotions, parenting and pasta that we are working on – meaning, we are always working on something right?!  As we work on creating a life we love and being the greatest version of ourselves we have to push ourselves outside our comfort zone. NOOOOO you say!!!

YES! That is where you get out of your way and stand in your courage and stand in your greatness. See you were put on the planet for a purpose, whether that is to raise your awesome family, or lead the PTA, or lead a movement, or start a project, or lead a company – your voice, your ideas, your experience, your power, your spirit IS NEEDED!  But it gets so comfortable to play within our comfort zone right? I was really comfortable in my comfort zone for 25 years! The bad news is, that is where smallness controls you because it WANTS to keep you safe, small, and scared. The good news is you are bigger and better than your smallness. You were born with amazing greatness wings if you believe in them – put your wings out (yes allll the way out) and jump off the cliff and sour!  Before you do that, put on your courage boots (watch my 1 minute video on my courage boots here) and know that your greatness will carry you and your God will guide you.

You have great work to do on this planet but as long as smallness keeps you spinning, worried, overwhelmed, scattered or scared you won’t ever “get to it”. The world needs you so put your courage boots on and take a step today!

Here’s something you can print and read each morning as a reminder that the world needs you:

greatness mantra

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