We all get smallness attacks, but what makes a huge difference is knowing what to do when you get a smallness attack. What you don’t want to do is believe it and react to it, that will make it worse and only confirm that smallness is running your life. YOU are running your life, so don’t give your smallness that power.  One of the best practices you can create is a daily routine that will anchor you in greatness each morning so smallness attacks have little grip on you in the first place. Below is my personal daily greatness mantra that I practice during my prayer/meditation time each morning. The beauty of doing something like this gets you set in your greatness from the start of your day. It keeps your eyes on the ‘game’ at hand, and that is living from your greatness. Everything is possible from that place and the less access we give smallness, the less it has a grip on us. However, if you do run into that slimy, slippery, nasty smallness during your day then here are three quick things to do:

1. try to identify your smallness and see what is it saying to you (it’s often giving you some kind of nasty lie to pull you down) but if you can really call it on what it is and not get too triggered by it, then you can take your power back.
2. turn down the smallness voice and tell it where to ‘go’ then turn up your greatness voice
3. then read this mantra or do a quick recentering prayer/affirmation to get back on your game.

What I have learned in life is money begets more money, friends begets more friends and greatness begets more greatness. Things build on each other, so the more you practice staying and living from your greatness the more it becomes natural and habitual. Greatness is a state of being that is your best self and it IS contagious. So go get your greatness on.

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