Paris trip tips in less than 1 minutes:

  • know basic 5-6 french words to get by and say Bonjour to everyone or else they are rude
  • bring enough electric adapters (at least 3) or else you’ll have a dead phone or bad hair
  • be aware of the bike lanes or you’ll get hit
  • The biggest mistake we made: we didn’t manage jet lag – we had 9 hours difference – 1 hour per day so plan accordingly
  • bring cool clothes – it’s hot in the summer and nothing is air-conditioned – plan accordingly
  • be clear in where you want to stay because all of the neighborhoods have very different vibes
  • figure out the phone/data situation (free wifi in all cafes but they won’t tell you that) – or you’ll pay big
  • before you leave know HOW to make a phone call locally and back home or you’ll be stuck
  • figure out your cash/credit card situation or you’ll be stuck or broke
  • get tickets to your ‘big’ tours/things before you leave to avoid lines – then wing the rest
  • don’t carry a money pouch or a backpack – just be normal – a messenger bag or long purse goes over your chest
  • do download uber app and use it at night or when your feet hurt – bring lots of bandaids for your feet
  • follow the packing experts way to pack (search my Paris Pinterest here) – you don’t need much – no one wears shorts in Paris
  • tax is refunded to you so keep your receipts the form is at the airport and tips are included in checks
  • the waiters don’t greet you nor give you water until asked – overall they don’t pay attention to you get used to it
  • If you don’t have a passport be an hour early to the closest passport office and you’ll ensure being first, otherwise you’ll wait 4 hours.
  • Be aware of their holidays it matters for travel  (and don’t go in August no one is there)

My Paris “don’t miss” list:

  • d’Orsay Museum to see Van Goghs and Degas up close – plus this museum has clear signs, bathrooms, and well organized
  • a 3 hour bike ride at night through the city with Fat Tire Bike Tours is a must
  • grab sandwiches and sit at the Eiffel Tower to people watch – don’t rush
  • the sewer museum is fascinating and stinky — the boys will love it
  • it’s the little/free things that matter – picnics, walks in the park, coffee at the cafe – savor the moments
  • visit these often: Latin Quarter, Marcias and MontMarte areas for cool finds and eats (you’ll get sick of the french cafes quickly)
  • a trip up the Eiffel Tower don’t miss the first platform where you can sit at the many cafes and eat/drink/look over the city
  • the Louvre Museum for significance sake but it was reallllly hot and crowded and we didn’t enjoy it much
  • a trip to Disney Paris for the day (book with a bus tour don’t get yourself there) this is a fun break from Paris proper
  • hire a free photographer for your family, Christmas card or special occasion they are awesome – EVER Photo Shoot see our pics here
  • use the trip to renew your vows, or throw a birthday party, any excuse to make it more special!
  • Research the magazine ‘Where’ for Paris and see what is going on the time you are there!
  • Be open to add things as you go you don’t want a packed agenda that exhausts you

Take a look at my Paris Pinterest board for more ideas here

Read my blog about preparing for Paris here.



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