Say the word: Perfectionism
Say the word: Excellence
See if you can ‘hear’ the difference between perfectionism and excellence.  Say to yourself: “I want to serve my client perfectly today!!”  THEN say “I want to serve my client with excellence”.  Do you hear the difference? Perfectionism has an ’emotional driver’ and ‘attachment’ behind it. It also comes from our smallness. Perfectionism is just another game that smallness plays to keep us spinning and overwhelmed.
Where excellence comes from is a soulful/heart place…your greatness. Both might get the same ‘result’ but it’s the ‘driver’ behind them that gives us anxiety or peace. I don’t know about you but I want more peace in my life! Perfectionism is a slippery-slope-of-smallness so when you have awareness between the two: ‘being perfect’ and ‘being excellent’ you will know (and feel) when you slip down the slope from excellence into perfectionism.   For the next 24 hours see if you can put that boundary between them and seek excellence instead of perfection and see what shows up.  This is another daily practice to share your greatness and play big in your job/company.  Once you start BEING and delivering excellence and playing BIG in your greatness you will see a big difference in customers sanctification and your revenue!


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