We wait for the permission.
We wait for the perfect time.
We wait for a degree.
We wait for the approval.
Instead, be the change you want to see, and start pursuing your dream.

Currently, I’m coaching some awesome entrepreneurs across the country who are playing really big this year. However, at one point in their careers each one of them waited for at least one of those things (above) to ‘happen’ until they could “really go for the big success”. I’ve been there twice in my life (waiting for permission and waiting for the perfect time) until I learned that nothing external is stopping us from being and having what we want. When you really understand that nothing external is stopping you – your life changes. It was scary at first to know my dreams depended on me, but it was also empowering. It inspires most people to dust off their buried dreams and become alive again. We often allow our feelings and our external factors to become challenges that stop us or dictate our dreams and goals. The process of transforming our mindset is not overnight, but when we transform our thinking from thoughts of smallness (fear and doubt) to thoughts of greatness (empowering/positive) we become unstoppable. Have you ever noticed that there are thousands of books on mindset and believing in yourself? It’s because it’s the most powerful asset we have, and it’s the key to any success you want. But before you understand how powerful your mind is, you might think this is whole concept is all hogwash. I’m finishing my book, Igniting Greatness, this Summer which documents my passion and process to walk people through this process.

When you can master your mindset,  you start to believe (actually believe) in your dreams, and what you believe in, you start pursuing. We rarely pursue things we don’t believe in.  Our belief system also drives our work habits, and many entrepreneurs have a belief system that they must always be ‘hustling’ and working or something awful will happen.  When I had my business in NYC I too believed that “to make it you have to be a workaholic” – that lasted until I had a minor stroke at age 27. Then I changed my life and my belief system. I now have hundreds of clients, including myself, who are the example that you can have a very successful business, and be a great parent, and go on vacations and have strong faith and have fun!

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Here is a powerful coaching tool called “Coming out of Agreement” (from my book The Greatness Game ©) to help you believe, then pursue your dreams…
See, in short, transformation is where we come OUT of agreement with one smallness belief at a time (I can’t make more than $50k a year, I can’t do X, I’m too old to X, I’m not equipped to X, I can’t get remarried, I can’t go back to school) and you create a new belief to believe (i.e. I can make more than $50k a year, I can pursue my dream, I can be a leader at x, I can remarry, I can go back to school). This is a statement to start believing everyday. It’s the first step.It’s hard to believe those smallness statements aren’t the truth, but they aren’t. They are something we simply believe.

Our belief is SO powerful and this is the proven ground for that concept. I promise that if you change your belief you will be one step closer to your dream or goal. I have 14 years of clients who have accomplished this process and went from ‘buried dreams’ to ‘fulfilled dreams’.  My hope is that you will come out of agreement with that smallness statement that is holding your dreams hostage.  So take one dis-empowering smallness statement you have – see if you can come out of agreement with it. Don’t believe it ever again. It disempowers you, so next time you hear it put it on MUTE. Do not believe it. Now create a positive version of that statement that you can start believing. Start believing the new statement (i.e. I can double my business this year, I can x, I am equipped to x). Once you shift your belief system then the next step/action will be clear. Then the next idea/person/action will be clear and on and on. One step at a time.  Have the courage to leave that smallness statement and step into your amazing greatness! We all have amazing greatness within us and we all have great dreams, and my hope is that today’s blog gave you at least one idea to be the change and follow your dreams.


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