Can you feel the shift? You are moving closer and closer to your greatness and I want to welcome you to the BIG week of your life.  Greatness training is all about leaving the comforts of smallness and trusting, knowing and claiming that you ARE here for a purpose. (even though you might not know it yet). When we don’t know our purpose we can fill our lives with distractions, addictions, bad habits, fear, procrastination, laziness, lies about our worth and many other forms of smallness which hold us back and keep us small. For heaven’s sake do you think that smallness ‘wants’ you to be great or find your purpose? Heck no! It wants to keep control of your mind and convince you otherwise. Smallness can be so tricky and slimy at times. Well, I promise you that if you simply open up your mind, heart and life to your greatness it will get louder and louder (it’s just been drowned out by smallness for a long time). I spent 25 years listening to my smallness, never really knowing that my greatness voice was there too. It was whispering and I was too busy spinning in my smallness to hear it. The key to pulling yourself out of the puddles of smallness is to create a dream team who will support and love you through your journey. It IS a journey I assure you.

But what would be possible if you had 1-3 people who became unshakable encouragers for you to be the greatest version of you? If they encouraged you when you slipped back into smallness? If they loved you while you were shifting your mindset from ‘I can’t do it‘, to ‘I can do it and I have a plan‘. Creating a dream team is so essential when we are growing, whether it’s our lives or our careers, it’s those mentors, coaches, friends and family members who are a stand for us and can see us greater than we can see ourselves.  Don’t worry about your past and how much smallness you did, or didn’t listen to, start today and only listen to the greatness voice in your head and create your dream team of encouragers.  Remember to share your big dream with your ‘dream team’ so they can picture where you are going and share with them ‘how’ you want to be supported – these two things will help your dream team support you! Remember to think big and ask for what you want. REALLLYY know the game you are playing for your life and career and put both feet in and commit 100% to that game!! Start today.

I created a Facebook photo album just for my mentors and dream team friends who have helped me on my journey – take a view here:)

You are brilliant, talented and the world needs you – I’m just here to remind you:) Have a blessed week and go ROCK it!

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Cheers to forming your dream team,

Dena Patton







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