It’s magical when we step into owning our greatness, our gifts and the difference we make for others, and we give ourselves permission to leave smallness forever. That takes courage (and constant reminding) – that’s where we add multiple forms of ‘reminding’ here (like sticky notes or affirmations or a coach). As entrepreneurs we are famous for creating big goals for ourselves but what ‘big goals’ do is create a ‘big gap’ between you (today) and that big goal (future). How you use that time and who you become while you are in the ‘big gap’  is up to you.  Your gap might only be a couple weeks, but it also might be a couple years. It’s during the “gap time” that is so crucial to staying clear, focused, determined and on track so you can create a future you love and a great company.

I want you to ask yourself this: When I am in the ‘gap time’ do I listen to my past, my smallness, and all the evidence for why I won’t make it to my big goal? OR do I listen to my greatness,  my vision to impact the world, my faith and my heart? It’s truly the “gap time” where the game needs to change from smallness to greatness. Your greatness is waiting for you to stop listening to the smallness voice in your head so that you can give yourself permission to step into a well-oiled, well-marketed, well-lead, and well-branded GREAT company that changes the world. The gap is a vulnerable time because you hold a great vision but you aren’t there yet, so treat yourself kindly and surround yourself with people who will encourage you on that path and most importantly, remind yourself every day of your greatness and be willing to share your greatness.  In greatness training you first own you have it (by the way you were born with it), then you claim it in your life and then you share it with others!

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