Today’s blog is dedicated to those of you who are fulfilling a mission, calling or dream. I am of the opinion that the foundation of success is your mindset, and the ability to operate from a powerful, clear place. The moment we allow an emotion, a person or a circumstance to stop us (whether it’s for 5 minutes or 5 years) we have lost our power (I simply call that disempowered). So today I want to share a few thoughts to grow your mission!

One of the biggest things that helped me shift from a life of scarcity and surviving, to a life of abundance is being INTENTIONAL in growing a heart of gratitude. I had to get intentional in being grateful and having gratitude for everything, even the challenges and breakdowns. It was HARD especially when I was used to responding to challenges and breakdowns from a disempowered, negative, angry or ‘poor me’ place.  When I saw that the challenges/breakdowns were FOR me and not AGAINST me. It. Changed. Everything. Did you know that our big dreams depend hugely on our mindset and how we respond to life?

I saw that the challenges truly had to happen to help me grow and become the leader, parent, women, messenger and entrepreneur I wanted to be. For a solid year I had to train myself to say thank you to the smallest of blessings and and the biggest of breakdowns. (below I give you my gratitude journal for free to help you with this). It helped me completely shift how I responded to life’s happenings. I stopped losing my power everyday when those ‘life’s crappy moments happened’.  It did not stop them from happening, just how I responded to them. That’s why we feel so emotional sometimes because we wake up on a mission and ready to go and feel empowered, and then someone gives you bad news and you are disempowered and angry, then later in the day you make progress on your to do list and feel empowered again. Up and down up and down we go – weeeeee! And we wonder why we are exhausted?

But when we retrain ourselves to live from gratitude for everything we are training ourselves to stay in our power and respond to ‘life’s happenings’ with power, grace, and clarity. If you are receiving this newsletter the chance is you are on a mission of your own whether that is in your family, in your community, in your business or in the world. As women on a mission we all can use more hours in our week to work in our mission from a powerful place.

Just think of all the time we waste in our week reacting to ‘life’s happening’ from a disempowered place, don’t you wish you had that time back? What if we could respond powerfully, and not react emotionally, and get off the emotional roller coaster of disempowerment?

If you want to grow your ability to operate from an empowered place then gratitude is a key lesson to master. Most people say ‘I was born like this it’s just who I am I can’t change’. No it’s not. We were trained to be how we are  – through our own thinking/perceptions, our environment/family and our circumstances etc. That is how we were trained not how we were born, and you can retrain yourself. Anyone can transform or retrain themselves/any habit/behavior – you just have to learn how to transform things.

It’s a skill set like learning how to cook. I’m living proof. I transformed my own life 16 years ago and for the last 14 years have been helping others to transform and retrain their lives and businesses. But I’m also always a student too, you never stop learning this stuff and improving your life, marriage, health, relationships and career.

The 4 BIG areas I transformed in my life were:
1. self-care (mind/body/spirit daily)
2. money (owning my value, earning, saving, investing, budgets, having no debt)
3. empowerment (living daily in my power and not by emotions/reactions)

4. being mission based (transformed my career from being a paycheck that was killing me – to follow my spiritual calling to have a career where I can make a living and make a difference/be on a mission)

Start your gratitude journey with my FREE 30 Day Gratitude Journal (it will walk you through how to use it) and start transforming your life.

Summary: you are a world changer on a mission – don’t be afraid of your mission. Step into it and unapologetically and own the mission you are on. Some people won’t like your mission or will ‘disapprove’, (haters will hate – trust me I have many haters but I don’t lose my power over it!) but remember that it’s YOUR mission not theirs. Don’t let their opinion detour you from your path, your dreams, and your mission. By the pure fact that you are on a mission is why you have to train yourself to live from a place of power, faith and clarity, because the haters will hate and you will have bumps along the way. It will take everything YOU’VE GOT to stay on path and make the difference you want to!  Don’t let life’s happenings, breakdowns, smallness, disempowerment or haters stop you from your mission! Start today with downloading the free 30 Day Gratitude Journal (from my ‘free downloads tab on my website) that will help you with the mission you are on!

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