Life is filled with questions, but are they life-changing questions that make a difference in becoming who you want to be?


Below are a few questions that I asked on my journey to discover my voice, my faith, my greatness and myself.   It the journey of leaving smallness and stepping into a life of greatness I encourage you to ask yourself, not just questions, but great questions that make you think. Please comment below with any additional questions!


Teen years:

What am I reallly good at and how does that skill play into my future?

What do I say yes or no to (how do I practice values)?

What are adventures I want to go on?

What education is going to further my life and my gifts?

How do I deal with all the drama of life, friends, boys etc?

How do I love and be loved?

How do I learn boundaries, self-respect and self-love?

How do I learn to be responsible, caring and loving when life is so hard?

How do I stay focused on education and on my big dreams so I’m not sidetracked?


What are my deal breakers in life, love and career?

What do I wear to be my authentic self and self-expression?

What do I believe in and what will I stand for?

How do I respond with all the drama in life?

How do I work with others and stand for myself at the same time?

How do I pay bills correctly and stay out of debt?

How do I ask for help when I need it?

What inspires me?

How do I pursue my calling/purpose through my career or outside of my career?



What lessons have I learned from my failures? Am I wiser for these lessons?

How can I let go of my past to move into a better future?

Am I awake and present to today and the blessings around me or do I just always want ‘more’?

Am I walking my purpose?

How do I stop hanging out with people who create drama?

Am I being the best version of myself?

Will I get married or have kids?

How do I find a Godly, loving, healthy man in a sea of impostors?

Will I settle for a j.o.b. or follow my passion?



How am I walking my faith/purpose?

What is my purpose?

How do I serve/lift others?

How do I deal with my fears?

How do I live in peace?

How do I love people ‘from a distance’?

How do I practice what I preach?

How do I make better choices every day?

How do I learn to cook better and feed my family in healthy ways?

How do I be the best mom and wife I can be?

What plans and dreams do I have for the next 20 years?

How do I deal with aging/body/skin/changes gracefully?

How do I stay powerful, but yet tender?




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