One of the biggest things I always say is that your business mirrors you, so when you are in flow then your business is in flow. When you are stuck then your business is stuck.  That is, until your business is FULLY off of you and big enough that your stuckness doesn’t affect the business. But UNTIL then, you want to be in your flow and stay there so that your business flows too.

The first thing you do is get back to basics: This is rule #1:

  1. Eat right so your body has the right fuel (if you can’t do this on your own, get a buddy or an expert to help)
  2. Sleep right at least 7 hours (I get 9 hours or I don’t function)
  3. Get your spiritual foundation as a daily habit whether that is prayer time, meditation, yoga, reflection or journaling. Our spiritual self is the foundation of everything. TRUST yourself and start looking within yourself for answers and less looking outward.

Start today. Start with your next choice in food, go to bed early tonight and tomorrow morning commit to your spiritual growth. When you start with the basics then you have a good foundation to build upon. This allows your mind, body and spirit to be in flow. That will give you more power, freedom and clarity to then move to #2 and get that area in flow.


NEXT you want to look at your personal life this is rule #2:

Get your head in the game and know what matters and what doesn’t in your personal life. You want to stop wasting time in playing games that are wasting your time and games that are not in alignment to your bigger vision.  Let’s say that you are playing the game called “I’ll be on the HOA board” (so that you look good or you want to change the road rules), but really that doesn’t matter and doesn’t align with your bigger priorities. Then get off that board. You HAVE to know what matters to you (top 3-4 priorities in your personal life) and those become the games you play, and play to WIN, everything else is a distraction!  See, our smallness voice loves to entice us into overwhelm, distraction, confusion, doubt and fear. But thank goodness we have a greatness voice too! YES you can have a thriving business AND be a great spouse AND be a great parent, as long as you are willing to do the work to have systems, structures, priorities and accountability. (my clients know this one well!) Your marriage, your health, your faith and your kids are top priorities and when they aren’t, you will often feel the affects!

Once you get your basics implemented you will  feel like your personal life is realigned and prioritized, it will give you a new sense of power, flow and clarity. Then you can pull your attention to your business and start implementing new systems, structures, strategies and support and start building the empire you want. But as a coach of 13 years I’ve seen so many people want to build their business and not address their personal life. Guess what it doesn’t work. If your personal life is a mess then you will have a hard time building a business.  “How we do one thing is how we do everything”. So I often start in the personal lives of my clients and help them with creating flow, clarity, systems and more peace. THEN we build a great business that makes a great living and a great difference.


Rule #3 Set up your business to win:

Systems, Structures, Strategy, Sales and Support are my 5 business S’s. These are the key to every business foundation whether you want make $100k or Millions.  The best way to explain these is through reading The 8 Crucial Questions Every Business Owner Needs To Ask.  Start with those questions and implementing the answers and you will be on the road to building a great company. The key to your business working and being wildly successful is for you to listen ONLY to your greatness voice (turn down that ugly smallness voice) so you can live and lead from your greatness.  The top CEO’s and celebrities who have “made it” are no different than you and I. They have a smallness voice and a greatness voice too, but the big difference is they KNOW that they have the power to CHOOSE which one they listen to. They master their greatness and choose that everyday!


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