The Greatness Team

I help companies create empowered cultures,
happy teams and epic results.

 An empowered culture takes training and development, otherwise, you can experience good employees who don’t produce results or who will leave. The current climate is already hard on many employees mindsets and productivity, but if you don’t have leadership, inspiration and empowerment in your culture then your company will suffer.

Do you feel an “invisible disruption” that slowly sucks the power, creativity, and greatness out of you and your team? Too often, disconnectedness and disempowerment will diminish innovation, happiness, productivity and ultimately the bottom line. No matter the size of the organization, they all have high-stakes problems to solve.

What does it look like to have team members who are disempowered (or in a culture that isn’t based in greatness):

  • They won’t propose their great ideas and innovation
  • They won’t call out bad ideas that are costing you
  • They will be working from their smallness, not their greatness
  • They let their dissatisfaction get the best of them and become lazy
  • They will be too are scared to make decisions which slow down productivity
  • They aren’t connected to the vision and bigger picture of your organization
  • They don’t feel they have a voice in their role or department
  • They won’t use their creativity to move the company forward
  • They create multiple communication conflicts and breakdowns

Change The Culture. Change The Game.

I only work with forward-thinking, purposeful companies who are coachable, open and vested in their human capital. Without help, these companies will continue to waste precious time and resources instead of getting to the heart of the issues and challenges.

Therefore, an empowered culture with happy, committed team members is crucial to the innovation needed to solve those problems.

I bring a unique, powerful and customized solution to your company. These tools help create happy, empowered teams who are achieving epic results. In this time of Covid19 I offer virtual Team Training For Teams from 5-75 people.

You Will Regain Four Outcomes:

  • 1. Team members who are empowered and inspired by your vision and values in more meaningful ways
  • 2. Team members who are trained in a powerful tool to create game-changing communications among the team & clients
  • 3. Team members who are working in excellence and greatness, committed to innovation and growth
  • 4. Team members who are inspired and accountable to their role and productivity

Investment options:

  • Come Together. $5700 – 1 Day Program (One 5 hour customized session with your team/up to 20 people) 

  • Keep Together. $7700 – 30 Day Program (One 2 hour customized session with your team + Four 90 minute coaching team sessions/up to 20 people)

  • Work Together. $4,700 per month 3 Month Program (One 3 hour customized session with your team + twelve 90 minute coaching team sessions/up to 20 people)

with this training not only do you win, but 20 girls will also win. We will gift one Title 1 school in your name, with a leadership program called dreamLAB that will change the lives of 20 girls. They will learn 12 leadership principles, communication skills and learn how to pursue their dreams with success to become our next generation of leaders and world changers.

Let’s talk more. Set up a time with Dena here.