Breakthrough. Break out. Break Records.

8 Week Group Program With Dena Patton.
Registration closes July 8th at 1pm PST.

You Will Gain 7 Outcomes:

  • 1. Your vision, values and authenticity will be alive in your business in all touch points to create a consistent, excellent customer journey
  • 2. You will learn Dena’s Communication Tools so you can understand your champagne & wine customer’s problems and solve them
  • 3. Your Brand identity and Brand promise will be alive in your business attracting your champagne and wine clients
  • 4. You will understand your tangible and intangible items that you sell so you can better attract and serve champagne & wine clients.
  • 5. You will update and know the landing language for your company so your marketing gets RESULTS.
  • 6. You will build your marketing plans with more confidence and strategy so you are in front of more champagne & wine clients.
  • 7. You will transform your sales & consultations to be more authentic & more effective so you can serve more people! 

Are You Ready To Change The Game?

Do you know you were made for more and your company deserves to play bigger?
This is your chance to break out of the past and break records in your income and impact.

This is only for the attendees/financial planners of JW Cole (+1 person on your team i.e. assistant or marketing leader)

You want to be in this class so you don’t have to struggle with branding, marketing and sales by yourself. Asking an assistant to do your marketing is like someone asking their assistant to do their financial plan. It’s fine, but it’s not a great idea, because t
here is an art and science to great marketing that attracts & converts.

This is a live class with Dena, not videos. It’s a private group for you only. This is 11 hours of teaching, coaching and mentoring plus hot seats and private coaching calls to handle your personal questions and needs.  We designed this class to help tighten up your brand, elevate your marketing and help you create a consistent sales system that is effective and authentic.

This private cohort is live on Zoom on Tuesdays: (they will be recorded if you miss it)

  • Week 1: July 12 – 12PST/1MT/2CT/3EST
  • Week 2: July 19 – 12PST/1MT/2CT/3EST
  • Week 3: July 26 – 12PST/1MT/2CT/3EST
  • Week 4: Aug 2 – 12PST/1MT/2CT/3EST
  • Week 5: Aug 9 – 12PST/1MT/2CT/3EST
  • Week 6: Aug 16 – 12PST/1MT/2CT/3EST
  • Week 7: Aug 23 – 12PST/1MT/2CT/3EST
  • Week 8: Aug 30 – 12PST/1MT/2CT/3EST
  • Bonus 2 Hot Seats/Live Coaching dates
  • Bonus: Two 30 minute one-on-one private coaching sessions with Dena
  • This is a one time private group class.

Investment option: Registration closes July 8th at 1pm PST.

  • BBB 8 week Group Program + 2 Hot seats + 2 private coaching sessions w/ Dena:  – $3500 Pay Here To Secure Your Spot:  If you need a payment plan let us know

P.S. Rather work with Dena one-on-one at a 3 day retreat? Details here.