The Greatness Team


I help companies create empowered cultures with happy teams who produce epic results.

In this time of Covid19 I offer virtual Team Training For Corporations and Small Business Teams.

An empowered culture takes training and development, otherwise, you can experience good employees who don’t produce results or who will leave. The current climate is already hard on many employees mindsets and productivity, but if you don’t have leadership, inspiration and empowerment in your culture your company will suffer.

Team members who are disempowered:

  • Won’t propose their great ideas and innovation
  • Won’t call out bad ideas that are costing you
  • Will be too are scared to make decisions which slow down productivity
  • Aren’t connected to the vision and bigger picture of your organization
  • Don’t feel they have a voice in their role or department
  • Won’t use their creativity to move the company forward
  • Create multiple communication conflicts and breakdowns

Change The Culture. Change The Game.


A disempowered culture is not sustainable – it’s like a house of cards ready to fall. A disempowered culture won’t produce the results nor the productivity your company needs to thrive.


I help companies create empowered cultures through zoom training and/or coaching for your leadership or for employees. Change the culture, change the game. Too often, disconnectedness and disempowerment will diminish innovation, happiness, and ultimately the bottom line.

I only work with forward-thinking, purposeful companies who are coachable, open and vested in their human capital. Without help, these companies will continue to waste precious time and resources instead of getting to the heart of the issues and challenges.   

A disempowered or disconnected culture impacts an organization because it’s the invisible disruption that slowly sucks the power, creativity, and greatness out of its employees. No matter the size of the organization, they all have high-stakes problems to solve. Therefore, an empowered culture with happy, committed team members is crucial to the innovation needed to solve those problems.

The way I help companies is by teaching them a two-step framework: The Greatness Methodology and the True Colors Communication tool. These tools help create happy, empowered teams who are achieving epic results.  


Our Team Training Framework consists of:

  • Our greatness methodology is a 7-step process that helps your team learn how to access new levels of their greatness they never knew they had, so they can create epic things they never knew was possible. You will see results in three areas: it will ignite their creativity, bring back their inspiration to your vision and values and heighten their productivity. They become the empowered employees you need. 
  • The International, award-winning True Colors International communication tool. This is a game-changing communication tool facilitated worldwide throughout corporations, the military, education institutions, and big brands. This is a strengths-based and evidence-based training that will focus on three areas: it will spark greater innovation, better collaboration, and stronger communication. They will have the tools to become the empowered team you need. 

Empowered and engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave an organization

Virtual coaching and group training made easy.
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