dena-14Tip #6: Practice more self-discipline. Everyday.

I believe that ‘how we do ONE thing is how we do EVERYthing’, so for example, if you practice saying “no” to sugar 4 out of 5 times each day, then you are refining the “skill set” of self-discipline (SD) and that will help you have the self-discipline it takes to write those 10 blogs you have been avoiding. Because when we don’t have self-discipline in self care or eating, we often don’t have self discipline in our business either. Practice SD anywhere and everywhere you can and it will help you improve the muscle of self-discipline. Everything you want in your business is on the other side of SD, and when we don’t use self-discipline we often end up having guilt, fear, and shame (lots of smallness) which can severely derail or distract us from our goals. If you are failing in the amount of customers you need, then get self disciplined in marketing (or have the SD to get coached in marketing). If you are failing at revenue then get self-disciplined in improving your sales skills and strategies. If you are failing at leading your employees, then get self-disciplined at curbing anger/miscommunications/and focus on being a better leader. It takes self-discipline to stay on track, to stay in your greatness and turn down all the smallness/disempowering chatter. It takes self-discipline to lead contractors, employees and partners. It takes self-discipline to schedule your to-do list and get them done without distractions. It takes self-discipline to hold yourself accountable to your dreams and goals. It takes self-discipline to have huge dreams for 2016 and GO for them, but your revenue, success and happiness will be happy you did! I promise.

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