dena-14Tip #9: Have Boundaries and Self-care.

This is where a lot of business owners flail. This is a CRUCIAL element of success or else you could possibly: burn out, get sick, get cancer, get divorced, or die. It took a minor stroke at the age of 27 for me to learn boundaries and self care. I have all kinds of specific ways, habits and structures in place so that I take care of myself. My businesses and my personal life depend on me and I have the responsibility to care for myself so I’m here for them. A few examples: For 5 years I worked 9-3 four days a week so I could spend more time as a Mom to my daughter, instead of 8-5 five days a week. I start my day with 30 minutes of prayer and journal time. I have 2 massages a month (membership massage places are great for this since they are typically about $40/mo). I work out at least 2 times a week. I get 8-9 hours a sleep each night! I have systems in place in my business so I don’t do everything manually and get exhausted. I know what I need spiritually, mentally, and physically to feel good, to feel empowered and to feel inspired and make sure those things are in my schedule.But before you can put any new habits in place for this I encourage you to “look” to see if you have any beliefs around self care. For example, “I don’t need it”, “I have to work 12 hours a day or I won’t succeed” or “this is what all business owners do” etc. We really need to be honest with ourselves if we are working “late” or working ourselves to death? Don’t beat yourself up for not succeeding at self-care – most people are not raised with great role models of boundaries and self care, including myself. But once you know better, than you can do better. I would not have the success I do if I still ran my life like I did when I was 27. It is self-care that is at the core of my business success, and many of my clients too, but it’s a learned skill! Start working on taking care of your mind, body and spirit starting today – it will make a huge difference in your success, revenue and happiness. I promise.Day 9 of 10! Follow this countdown – all 10 tips from 12/22-12/31 on my blog at

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