dena-14Tip #7: Think and lead from your greatness.

My teachings on ‘smallness and greatness’ (are being documented in my book Igniting Greatness) is that you were BORN with greatness and you get to CHOOSE each day if you will think and lead from your greatness, or from your smallness. Many people start the day with greatness, but then get ‘tripped up’ in smallness triggers and can’t recover then we try ‘again’ the next day. It’s a constant battle and our lives become ‘coping’ with all the smallness triggers. But what if I told you that you could train yourself to be ‘triggerless’? I truly believe that this is where our “level” of power (or empowerment) comes from. When we are listening, thinking and leading from our greatness all the time – then anything is possible. We become the best version of ourselves, AND our lives and businesses become ‘platforms’ to deliver our greatness to the world. We instantly become world changers by simply allowing ourselves to get out of the way and have our greatness be used in ways we could have never imagined. So remember to listen to your greatness and lead your business from there – it will make a huge difference in your success, revenue and happiness. I promise.

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