Tip #5: Build a well-oiled machine.

This is important if you don’t want to BURN OUT! What I mean by this is to have systems and structures in your business so that you aren’t doing everything manually. Let’s just take a look at 9 of 14 systems that I use and coach my clients to implement (below). I work with clients from $100k-$5M and I’ve seen too many business owners even at the million dollar level NOT have some of these systems in place. These are easy to implement, but also easy to ignore. Don’t ignore them – they are the key to more freedom!


9 examples of systems that transformed my business;

1. a Consultation System (how I set up, do, and give consults)
2. a Follow up System (how I follow up with people I meet)
3. a client intake system (how I onboard clients)
4. a content management system (how I manage blogs/social media/video etc)
5. a sales system (managing my sales pipeline)
6. a meal system (so I’m not thinking about dinner during my day)
7. a payment system (so I don’t have to manage clients payments)
8. an admin system (how I handle customer service)
9. a marketing system (so I know what to do daily for marketing)

Create more systems (just choose one or two at a time) and you will see a huge difference in your success, revenue and happiness. I promise.

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