dena-14Tip #3: Learn Sales Skills.

Why? Because business owners don’t GET a paycheck they CREATE a paycheck. Your business revenue relies on your ability to market and sell your products or services, and if your ability to sell your good would get a D or F grade then your revenue is probably at a D or F too.  That is unless you have a rockstar Director of Sales. But if you don’t then learning sales is important – it is a learned skill, trust me, 10 years ago I had no skills in this area. I knew how to create killer marketing and PR strategies and language, but NO sales skills. Once I learned them my business quadrupled. Sales is a skill that all business owners need, and no, I’m not talking about the gross, pushy sales. I’m talking about how you get your products and services OUT in front of the right customers, and then they buy from you again and again because they love what you are selling – it solves some problem or desire they have!  It doesn’t just happen magically and if you are in a profession that is ‘purpose work’ or making a difference it is SUPER important that you are good at sales.

There’s a myth out there that if you follow your calling (like I did) that the sales and marketing will “allllll be worked out for you”. Nope it doesn’t happen like that:) You still have to work for it, but the good news is you get to do what you love and it’s WORTH it. However, if you follow your calling and start a business that is doing great work, but the world does not know about you then what’s the point?  The world needs you and your solutions so why not learn marketing and sales? The top 3 lessons in sales: never sell something to someone who is not a fit for you (that’s slimy), your worth and your prices often mirror each other so working on your worth/self-esteem/confidence automatically will help you raise your revenue​, and lastly, be clear in the problem you solve with your products/services -that’s what people buy. Be intentional in learning authentic sales it will make a HUGE difference in your revenue and happiness because more people will LOVE​ your services/products/business. I promise.

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