dena-14Tip #2: Know what game you are playing. ​

You might be winning, but winning at what? ​I have a​ saying, “you are always winning the game you are playing”, so you better know what games you are playing.  If you don’t know the TRUE game in your business, then you might be feeling overwhelm​ed​ or confused​. When we don’t have a clear game ​for ourselves ​to win then ​it makes us vulnerable to ​other people influencing​ us into games we don’t even want to win. For example, there are a lot of slimy internet marketers who thinks everyone should have a million dollar business, but if that is not your game,​ then that is not the game ​for you. But instead we think we “should be” playing ‘that‘ game. It’s just like the concept that “everyone” is your target market, they aren’t. When I gave up the game that​ ‘everyone’ was my target market ​it was game changing! ​​In 2011 I​ got CLEAR that I ONLY wanted to work with ​women business owners and other ​world changers,​ and ​my business took OFF because I knew what game I was playing​. Start playing the games YOU want to play and win those games,​ and FORGET the rest of the ‘shoulds’.  If your game is to make $X amount so that you can go on a two-week International vacation each year than play that game so you will win!  Maybe your game this year is to get your business “off of you” by scaling (like having licensees or making products of your knowledge), but are you focused on winning that game, or are you getting distracted? 

FOCUS on the games YOU want to win this year and be unstoppable. It will make all the difference. I promise.

​Day 2 of 10! ​

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