Today’s Morning Motivation: DAY 2 Laser Focus
(part of a 5 day series)​


Yesterday you got CLEAR on the list of goals and dreams for this year. I asked you to get rid of the items that aren’t important/that don’t serve your greatest self.

1. Today we are going to get you laser focused on the top goals for the year, and we are going to CRUSH distraction. We can do anything we put our minds if we have laser focus. With focus you CAN move your dream forward. So I want you to make a list next to your goals the things that distract you (maybe two columns – one for goals and one for distractions). You have to be HONEST with yourself on this or it won’t work. Before you can crush distraction you have to know WHAT it is that distracts you. My distractions are different than your distractions. So knowing what gets you off track will help you identify it when it happens. If your on a train track going towards your dreams you want to be moving your train toward your dream which is at the end of the track. However, a lot of things come on to your track to distract and derail you and it takes self-discipline to keep focused and to handle the distractions quickly and gracefully so you can keep going down the track. MOVEMENT is the key to getting your train down the track. Even if it moves a few feet per week it is progress (and NOT perfection) (don’t let perfection tangle you up). So have FOCUS on your train track and know your distractions when they pull on you -just SAY NO to them. Movement, even one baby step, each week will compile to get you to your dream so the key is to FOCUS and movement!

2. Look at your goal list, make sure they are clear and make sure you know the distractions that might be distracting or derailing you. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!

Post comments below after you do this morning motivation on the progress you are making!

It gets juicy tomorrow – see you tomorrow at the same time!

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