This November will be my 14 year anniversary of coaching women entrepreneurs and the list below is the ‘short list’ of what I have learned about creating great businesses…

I know for sure that when we get clear in our greatness and own it – our life changes. Our greatness is the thing that makes us, and our business, unique. When we use our business (or any career) as a ‘delivery system’ to let that greatness shine and make a difference for others that is when we are living ON purpose. If I had to sum up the core teachings of my coaching to all entrepreneurs out there….I could do it in these 12 lessons below. I hope you enjoy them:

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12 Ways to Build a Great Business (and it will bring your revenue and greatness to the next level):

By Dena Patton

1.  I know my target market, how and why they buy, and where to find them!

2. I know the solution I am – (people buy solutions)!

3. I am clear how to authentically sell my products/services and own the financial responsibility of owning a thriving business!

4. I am clear in my value and how to price my items – no playing in my smallness!

5. I have a marketing plan that I plan and I work daily!

6. I have my internal systems in place and I work my systems- create a well-oiled machine!

7. I have a great brand promise that is alive in my customer service and throughout my company!

8. I stick to income generating activities – because I’m not building a hobby I’m building a revenue generating business so I do well, so I can do good.

9. I have clear boundaries (and delegate well) so my business will not take over me!

10. I know my landing language and how to speak about my value and solutions such that people get it and love buying from me!

11. I take care of myself; mind, body and spirit. No excuses. my business (life) mirrors me so this is nonnegotiable! Greatness training everyday! To go to the next level I MUST go to the next level first in my greatness and in my mindset!

12. I manage my word, my time and my money with integrity and I don’t let smallness attack me or get me tangled in confusion, procrastination or distraction!


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