content_is_king1I am a huge fan of doing homework to find experts and resources to UP LEVEL our game and help our businesses succeed. I love PR Daily website for content marketing help and ideas. I don’t know about you but I wasn’t born with the knowledge of content marketing. So, I just made a list of my favorite articles that are incredibly helpful if you are using a blog, videos, social media, podcasts or graphics to communicate your business to the world. They are worth grabbing lunch and reading all five of them. The point is to learn ONE that will change the game for you. Enjoy!

Whether you’re embarking on your first content strategy or your twentieth, it’s important to stay up on the trends and ideas. I hope you enjoyed these articles.

Also, if you aren’t using an editorial calendar to manage your content that is a HUGE time saver.  I’ve introduced this little golden nugget to many of my coaching clients and they love it! You create a theme for each month (taking in account your events schedule of sales/events/special events/holidays etc) and that is the theme you use to write about for your content (blog, videos, podcast, social media etc). Here’s an important tip: make sure your themes are ON purpose and ON brand to your company.


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