Today’s Morning Motivation: Getting Clear on Your Goals​

In this 5-Day Series of morning motivations, I want to help you get you CLEAR, and GROUNDED in your dreams and goals for 2016. It will take a few minutes of your day to take ACTION but you will get your focus back, get your grip back and get your greatness back so that your dreams and goals become a reality. Let’s get started…clarity

1. Get RID of anything that is not important, that doesn’t serve you or that sparks your smallness (fear/small thinking).

2. The first step is to BE CLEAR in what is important and what YOU are standing for in your dreams this year. Clarity is king as the first step. Make a dream/goal list that inspires you, that sparks your greatness, that you LOVE!

3. Clarity moves the train. If your ‘train’ (goals) are derailed right now it’s most likely because of these two things: 1. confusion (you aren’t clear in the specific goal/dream)  2. smallness attack (perfection, distraction, fear, overwhelm, or doubt)

When you are derailed it takes effort to get back on track. You can do it. We’ve all been there.  You are stronger and clearer than you know. Dig deep and get back on track.

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