Systems will change your life.

If you have been in business you know that it’s important to have well-running systems to keep things running smoothly.

The following 6 systems are the systems that I find that most entrepreneurs either don’t have or they are broken. When you are a small business it’s important to trust your systems and use them well. When we do everything manually we work harder, not smarter. These are the 6 systems that most every business needs to grow:

  1. Marketing System – This is a clear plan to get the word out about your business in front of your ideal customers. This is a very well-oiled machine that is always working 24/7.
  2. Sales System – This is a very clear way that people buy from you. This helps people convert into loyal buyers who love your product and services. This is a must or you are building a hobby!
  3. Consultation System – If you are a service business this is a must. A very clear way you give a consultation, otherwise it’s just a nice conversation.
  4. Onboarding System – If you are a service business this system is often overlooked and undervalued, but it’s a big part of your brand and the customer’s experience.
  5. Billing System – Don’t chase money. Period. This system is a clear way you get paid and stop chasing money.
  6. Receipt/budget/accounting System – This is how you manage your money on the inside. This is a clear way you manage it all so you are always empowered around your numbers.

Work smarter, not harder with a few good systems.

Part of leading and living from your greatness is to work smart, so you can stay in your BRILLIANT LANE, instead of working in your weaknesses that cause more breakdowns. When we don’t have these 6 systems in place we often operate in breakdowns or exhaustion.

I have met so many business owners in the last year who don’t have these systems in place or they are struggling with staying on top of everything. You know that feeling when you are spinning 10 plates at a time? Create these systems and you will be on your way to creating a well-oiled machine that brings ease and grace to your workday. Business coaches are a great way to help you build these systems if you don’t know how!


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