Today’s Morning Motivation: Day 5 Become Stronger in Mind/body/spirit

​Monday you got clarity on your goals, Tuesday you crushed distraction, Wednesday you learned that smallness/fear stops us and how to overcome it to become triggerless, and yesterday you took your dream to a new level! Today we are talking about the most important piece of your life, career and dreams: YOU!

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Step 1. Embrace and understand that you are the most important part of your dreams and success. Your mind, body and spirit is an essential part of success, just ask the people who have ‘had success’, but lost their health, marriage or sanity over it.

Step 2. Fall in love with taking care of yourself.  The act of taking care of yourself takes self-discipline and love, which most of us struggle with. The more you give yourself permission to have self-discipline and love towards yourself the more you win in building a healthy mind, body and spirit. Plus, if you have kids you are the role model in their lives and they watch how you treat yourself and will model the same behavior.

3. Success is scheduled. So are the things that help your mind, body and spirit win. I have to schedule workouts, I have to schedule church/bible studies, I have to schedule prayer/quiet time, I have to schedule play time, I have to schedule my massages and chiropractor weekly. Schedule the things that will help your mind, body and spirit be fulfilled and operate at its greatness. This is a game-changer when you are trying to achieve big dreams and goals. Schedule those things in your week and schedule AROUND THEM. Start today with one baby step that will improve your mind, body or spirit, because it will make a huge difference in your focus, commitment, clarity and motivation in your work and dreams!

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Thank you for following this 5 Day Series to help you get you CLEAR, and GROUNDED in your dreams and goals. I hope it helped you get your focus back, get your grip back and get your greatness back so that your dreams and goals become a reality.

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