Today’s Morning Motivation: DAY 4! UPLEVEL Your Dream and Dream BIG

Monday you got clarity on your goals, Tuesday you crushed distraction and yesterday you learned that smallness/fear stops us and how to overcome it to become triggerless (not letting your smallness trigger you). Today we are going to the next level!

great copyStep 1. When we dream we often dream WITH our limits and smallness in mind. We edit what we really want and sometimes we downgrade our dreams because we don’t have enough ‘evidence’ to go for the BIG dream. We ‘hope’ for it but we often don’t believe we can get it. See, dreams and goals are only as good as our belief in them! We have to DREAM BIG and BELIEVE it! So dream from your GREATNESS and really allow yourself to dream big. First get grounded in your greatness and then take your current dreams/goals and upgrade them – make them juicier, greater, and bigger. BE your greatness and you’ll start living, dreaming and acting from that place!


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