Today’s Morning Motivation: DAY 3 Become Unstoppable & Triggerless

(part of a 5 day series)

On Monday you got clarity on your goals and yesterday you crushed distraction. Today we are going to address the #1 thing standing in your way of big dreams and goals. 

smallness1. We all battle with fear and doubt, but I want to teach you a simple way to overcome it so you become unstoppable and triggerless. This ONE lesson has helped (me and) my clients achieve their wildest dreams they thought were impossible. Now you can learn this lesson (the shortened version) and bring it to your dreams so that you stay in your greatness and achieve great things.

2.​ Smallness and Greatness are voices in our heads​ that we ALL have. For most of us through our childhood, our greatness voice becomes buried by the smallness voice. We hear our greatness voice every once and a while, but most the time it’s the smallness voice feeding us negativity around our dreams. The smallness voice is based in fear and is always against you – it wants to keep you small, scared and doubtful so it can control you. The Greatness voice is based in love and is always FOR you – it wants you to use your gifts, talents and uniqueness to shine in the world. But when we do have the courage to move towards our dreams that’s when smallness attacks and convinces us otherwise. We forget that there are two voices and we have to UNBURY that greatness voice. I promise you have one! The power comes from REMEMBERING that you are the one who CHOOSES which one to listen to.  At any moment, in any situation, you can turn up your greatness voice. We can often get on ‘default’ mode and don’t remember that we have the power to choose our greatness voice. It takes practice to LISTEN to your greatness voice only. It takes awareness and self-discipline to turn down our smallness voice when it attacks. Imagine smallness throwing you darts (triggers) a few times a day that disempower, derail, distract, demean you and your dreams. It whispers things like “you can’t do that”, “you are too ____ to accomplish that”, “you aren’t good enough to ____” or “who are YOU to do accomplish that dream” What if you trained yourself to turn down that voice and it NEVER triggered you AGAIN. Cool right? That is living life from your power and greatness! Every goal and dream you have becomes possible from that place.  So next time you hear something that deflates or disempowers you I want you to TURN IT DOWN then get back on track to making steps in your dream.
“Ain’t nobody got time for smallness” -greatness fan

​3. It has taken me 10 years of working with greatness and smallness to be able to teach it and finish my book, Igniting Greatness. My big dream is to teach this very lesson/principle on Oprah’s #soulsunday to all girls, women, entrepreneurs and people who have dreams and goals. With this one lesson we become triggerless and stay in our greatness, and from that place ANYthing is possible! That’s my big dream – what is yours?

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