dena-14Tip #10 Stop the excuses.

Excuses are so last year! Leave any excuses or limiting beliefs in last year and dream big, really big. Allow yourself to play bigger this year and really own the dream you have for your life, your revenue, your family, your goals and your company. Don’t apologize for who you are and the dreams you have, whether they are personal goals or business goals – they are YOUR GOALS. When you think and lead from your greatness you are more equipped with the mindset that becomes unstoppable and untriggered from smallness. When you let go of your excuses you are more equipped to create better systems, have great boundaries and self care, have an awesome marketing plan with great sales skills, play games you want to win, you are paying yourself a salary and your plan is working!

So stop the excuses and own your dreams – it will make a huge difference in your success, revenue and happiness. I promise.

Day 10 of 10! 

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