For all the awesome entrepreneurs who need more customers…

I have two game-changing marketing tips that you can do today!

As you know I coach in the 8 Areas of Business and within those 8 areas most people struggle in Sales & Marketing the most. That is why I host a few marketing and sales classes per year. In that class, we talk about how important your Landing Language is. Today I want to give you two tips when it comes to Landing Language.

These can change everything about your marketing and how much revenue you can make! I want you to do well so you can do good!

“Learn how to language your products/services such
that your ideal customer says, “I need that!”

#1. Talk about the solution, not your item: What I have seen is that small business owners often talk about the service or product they have, instead of talking about the solution. The BIG point here is people BUY solutions and if they can’t hear that in your marketing they glaze right over it.

  • Example 1: (selling the service I have) “I offer coaching and consulting services for entrepreneurs”
  • Example 2: (selling the solution I offer) “I work with entrepreneurs to create a marketing and sales plan so they can market themselves confidently, grow their revenue and make a bigger difference.”
  • Ask yourself: what problems do I solve with my service/product? (i.e. I solve their employee drama/breakdowns/moral, I solve their marketing and sales breakdowns, I solve their accounting issues, I solve their babysitting issues,  I solve their wardrobe issues, I solve their weightloss struggles, I solve bad travel experiences). Once you have those answers you can play with the language to create a better, more effective commercial and marketing materials.

#2. Talk in a way they get: What I have found is that people talk about their business in the same way that they talk, instead of talking in the language of their target market. Sometimes we get too complicated, too jargon, too simple, too crazy, too corporate and too vague for people to ‘get’ what we do. Ask yourself: how does my target market speak about this problem? Now, use THAT language in your marketing language.  How do THEY language this problem/this desire?

Both of these tips are part of my ‘landing language’ element of my class and why landing language is SO important is that you can have the best product or service in the world but if you don’t know the solution it is and how to language it in a way that your target market can hear, then you probably don’t have the sales/revenue that you want. I encourage you to play big this year and really own the solution you offer.



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