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The moment I met Dena, I just knew I had to work with her. She is an extraordinary woman with a beautiful and powerful presence. Within just a couple of weeks of working with Dena, I learned so much about my thought life and what was keeping me stuck in moving forward with my business. She has helped me begin to unwire and rewire my mindset and made me aware of many areas of “smallness” that I was not aware of. I learned very quickly that mindset is everything. Every conversation with her empowered me and I would get off of the phone each week feeling on fire to take action. She genuinely cares about your success, and not just in your business, but with your life’s work and calling. She just pours love and life into you. Dena is authentic, to the point, and does not sugar coat the truth, which I so appreciate. She truly stands for what she believes in, which is your greatness. I highly recommend working with Dena if you are serious about breaking through the limitations and barriers that have kept you from achieving your higher purpose.
-Dr. Yasaman 


Dena is an amazing leader and friend who listens closely, sees beyond my words, and encourages me to create solutions that will benefit my business and my family long-term. She has helped me to more fully understand my value, move forward in my business with confidence, and get huge projects over the finish line–all while living in alignment with my core values. Picture a business-savvy mentor, a compassionate confidant, and an energetic cheerleader all rolled into one, and that is Dena.
-April Perry, CEO
www.learndobecome.com & www.powerofmoms.com – Programs that help build strong families


I have a TOTAL girl crush on Dena Patton, Inspiration & Coaching For Women! I walked away from a session feeling beyond empowered and ready to rock it out.  Thank you, Dena!
-Carrie Morgan, CEO
Rock The Status Quo Social Media and PR Firm


The first time I met Dena was at a local conference here in AZ. I stopped her at lunch to pick her brain about a future business idea fully expecting a quick answer or a couple of casual ideas. Needless to say I was totally wrong. My “casual” question turned into a 45 minute deep dive and I was floored by her interest, passion and ability to uncover so many new angles far beyond my expectations. All of this before I could even finish my salad!

Since working with Dena, I have seen results and clarity that I have never achieved with any coach in over a decade of being in business. She has a true gift to uncover challenges, insights and those “ah-ha” moments that have allowed me to advance faster in my professional and business life in ways I never thought would be possible. I’m excited for the upcoming year to work with Dena and cannot wait to see how “my greatness” develops alongside such a powerful coach. Thank you Dena!
-Russ Perry, CEO,
www.designpickle.com –  on demand graphic design


If you have the opportunity to work with Dena please take her up on it, she is an incredible coach and an incredible person. She is super grounded, and her foundations and tools will absolutely help you succeed in so many different ways.
-Wendy Jae Tucker & David Tucker
www.ilukamedia.com – Marketing for World Changers and Leaders


Working with Dena was a life-changing, transformative experience. She helped me see things in my life from a new and healthy perspective and gave me many valuable tools to work on myself. I gained so much insight into myself during our months of coaching and worked through many issues and blocks. Dena is a fantastic coach and mentor with a wonderful down-to-earth style and a deep well of experience and wisdom.
-Melissa Sanford, Professional Musician


I never knew I needed a coach until I met Dena. As a total Type-A, I thought I had everything under control. Wrong!! Dena has a talent for pulling out aspects of yourself and your past that you never knew or paid attention to, and expertly guides you to use that information to make impactful changes in your life. In just a few sessions, Dena has transformed the way I protect my roles as a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and woman. We realized I was winning, but winning in all the wrong games! The successes I have already experienced both at home and in my business by following her lead ( in particular, shifting my focus from “perfection” to “excellence”) have been incredible. A true weight lifted off my shoulders! She listens deeply, cares greatly, and serves her purpose with grace. I am truly grateful for Dena’s guidance, and look forward to the FUN and greatness ahead! Thanks, Dena!
-Mika Perry, Owner
Scottsdale Luxury Residential Organizer


Dena breaks down what can feel like an overwhelming process into easy, manageable, and understandable steps. She over delivers by providing personal feedback and giving great content.
-Kristi Fowler – Life Trainer, Speaker, Author


If you know you need some help with marketing, be sure to check out Dena’s class or sessions. I have taken some of Dena’s workshops and coached 1-1 with her and learned so much – it is time well spent.
Johnell McCulley Owner, 
Turn Knowledge to Profit​


I took Dena’s “Market Like You Mean It” class and was blown away!  I wanted more, so after talking with Dena, we decided that a VIP day would be a good fit. She is easy to talk to, professional and really knows her stuff!  She will zero in on what you need to do right now to get your business on track.  My biggest take away was identifying the things that I was doing in my business that was keeping me small.  I have always heard the phrases “Play Big” or “playing small” but I really didn’t think that some of the things, like getting distracted or doubting myself (as well as many others), was playing small.  I knew it wasn’t good for my business but Dena really puts it in perspective. Would recommend Dena to anyone!
-Terry Sawaya, Owner


Dena I have loved having you personally coach me for the last 5 months while I prepare to launch Decide To Fly. Your insight and business experience is proving to be invaluable to me as I take each little step forward. Although I have been an entrepreneur for 30yrs, I have been blown away by the incredible marketing experience that you so generously share. In addition, the ability you have to keep me focused on “True North” is what I am finding the most value in.   You are making sure that I stay purposed on MY calling, MY faith, MY vision. It   can be so overwhelming to keep all the “mechanics” functioning at the highest   capacity when there are so many layers to a business. You have a way of bringing it into a simple structure that has served me so well. I am SO glad I hired you as my coach. I look forward to that “growth session” each week! Thank you!
-Jami Amidon, Founder/CEO  


I am so pleased I chose to work with Dena Patton regarding marketing strategies and event ideas.  I had several of my business partners with me at our meeting and we ALL walked away with necessary tools to take our business events to another level.  It was great to have Dena pour into all of us & express the importance of “playing a bigger game” & how to create events that attract people & messages that cause people to “lean in” to learn more.  The power of having my team present to be coached by Dena was that we all experienced powerful take-a-ways to create the team synergy we were needing.
-Deneen Manesiotis
Bioceutica Skincare Representative


Working with Dena as my personal coach has given me more than I can express in a testimonial. The understanding and practice of her teachings from greatness vs. smallness, to focusing on who you are being, has not only changed the way I do business but the way I approach life. Dena talks the talk and walks the walk and her ability to cut through the nonsense and encourage you onto a better, more balanced and productive path is priceless.
-Diane Aiello
– Owner,  Glam Lounge Artists Award Winning On-Location Makeup & Spa Team,
– Owner, My Beauty Muse Makeup Mentor


Dena, Professional Women’s Group of Northern Arizona wants to thank you for speaking at our event and sharing your incredible gifts and talents with our group.   Your presentation yesterday was inspiring, motivating, and full of great tips. We are ready to Ignite our Greatness!
-Carla Trujillo
President – Professional Women’s Group



I wanted to say this will be my second time being able to listen to a great motivational speaker. Dena has a great heart and in her presentation it always comes out. I have learned so much from each presentation and try to change each day and keep a positive attitude. We serve clients and have to keep a smile and stay positive always. Thank you for your generosity and time to present to all the staff in Apache Junction.
-Yesenia Rodriguez

Department of Economic Security


I completed a half day VIP program with Dena.  In this 4.5 hour session she was able to help me create a marketing plan for the year, 30 second commercial,  a complete double sided take away marketing piece, and a retractable banner design all with the same landing language that will appeal for my target audience.  She was quickly and succinctly able to take my words and transform them into an understandable and appealing message to my target audience. It was one of the best investments into myself and business that I have done this past year.  Dena is compassionate and enthusiastic and really wants her clients to succeed personally and professionally.  She is a true inspiration as a business coach and person.
-K. O’Bannon


I attended a great marketing workshop led by Dena Patton today. The thing that stuck with me the most is the way marketing is supposed to work–get your sales number clear FIRST and then have the marketing support your sales. We so often hear the message the other way around, so this was a real gem for me. Great job today, Dena, and thanks for your passion and support.
– Jody Owen, Owner
The Space You’re In, Productivity & Flow Coaching


So incredibly blessed by Dena Patton, Inspiration & Coaching For Women. The best thing I could have done for my business and my brand is work with her. Thank you for all of the expertise. Ladies, if you are a business owner, working with Dena could be the best decision you ever make!
-Rachelle McCray, Owner
Luxe Entertainment Video Productions


Thanks for the Market Like You Mean It workshop today! I walked away with several great ideas that will be implemented into my marketing plan-most inspirational however was the concept of ‘smallness’ and the importance on staying out of it!! Much more productive in Greatness…
-Lisa Farrar, Owner
Karve Studio Barre Fitness Gilbert


Dena you rock – I loved working with you for the 2 Hr VIP session. You could clearly see my brilliance and turned it into language I could feel authentic about using and that would speak directly to my target market. It has already made a difference in how I invite people to work with me and the amount of “Yes’s” I get (Much More) which are turning into cash.
– Barb Stuhlemmer, owner
BLITZ Business Success, speaker and TV host

Ontario, Canada


Attended Dena’s Market Like You Mean It workshop today. WOW! What can I say, Dena Trakes Patton. YOU & your brilliance, uniqueness, willingness to approach marketing differently makes ALL the difference! While I had MANY take-aways from the Market Like You Mean It workshop, 2 things are jumping out at me: Sales is a goal that is SUPPORTED with proper marketing underneath, and having a Donation In-Take Form to sort all the many requests that I get for donations. Thanks a Million!!
-Char McCreadie, Mary Kay


Attended Dena’s Market Like You Mean It workshop today. It was so full of great stuff, great ideas and tools, and some very remarkable women! The first and best tool I acquired today was “own your greatness, play big!” It’s the perfect mind set to start each day in the shop.

-Nancy Ruybal, Owner
Kay Creek Western Wear & Western Music


Thank you Dena for the incredible 2 hour VIP session – you are amazing and have a gift for getting people like me unstuck and back on course with my marketing. I cannot thank you enough!
– Susan Romig Mershon, The Techie Mentor, Technology training and consulting for entrepreneurs & VA’s


I had a totally productive and epiphany-filled 2 hr VIP session with Dena today. She is a true guru of Branding and Landing. I would recommend her to any business owner seeking to grow their business. Thank you, Dena.
– Robin White, owner of Tacklebox
Rio Rico, Arizona


Dena Patton is a rock star!  Thank you for your fabulous insight Dena. Can’t wait to flush this all out!
– Lisa Rehurek, owner of Miss Simplicity
Tempe, Arizona


Your coaching has so paid off. I have connected with more customers and it has resulted in three more corporate contracts, plus all the new systems and structures. Thank you for all your support. You have made such a difference in my life. Thank you.
-Karen, Owner
Avant Garden Flowers & Events
Phoenix, Arizona


The coaching is so worth the money and I really just love having you in my life, helping me shape it the way I want it to go. I love what you have helped me to build here in Santa Cruz, I am so inspired every day. I am on a conference call right now for work (in my new home office!) and the sun is shining and I went to the beach this morning, what a life change from a stuffy office and long commute!
Life is good, thank you!
Bridget Rigby
Santa Cruz, California


Meeting Dena was a great blessing and total Law of Attraction result. Dena was referred to me by Michelle Corr of 6 Degree Media. I was in the process of restructuring my business model and website and Michelle said I just needed to have Dena’s help. It is absolutely amazing to look back over the past 5-6 weeks and see what Dena has helped me accomplish. I would like to mention the most important things she has done to help me:

  • Dena took everything we were about and helped me restructure it to land right for my target market. This included our website and all of the accompanying pieces there, our press-release, social networking, video production and many others.
  • Dena has a gift for extracting the essence and value of what you do out of the mountains of information, files, etc and then distills them down into a way that makes sense.
  • Dena has been an amazing cheerleader, helping me on several occasions come back to my center and step into, and stay in my role as the authority and expert for my company.
  • Dena has responded timely to every email, question and need I have had and has gone way beyond the second mile with me.

Some people leave a footprint on your heart and Dena is one of those for me. Thanks Dena!!!
-Kim Harman owner of Tend Roses
Phoenix, AZ


Dena is the person to call if you have a big challenge and want results fast. Starting a company with a good idea became overwhelming to us, especially when we knew what we did well, but sadly no one else did. Dena blends creativity and innovation with organization and strategy. By utilizing her ‘One Hot Hour’ package, my company has clarity, direction and purpose in just two hours. Our company is fun again and not just good but great. Dena is one of the best in the game. Period!
-Miranda, owner of Media PRO Productions
Phoenix, AZ


Having seen Dena’s beneficial effect, I decided to give her a call and start sharing her energy and strategic thinking. Already she has made me look at my career in a new way and see that I have been involved in an inordinate number of new business wins. I realized that I consistently build in certain factors, like boldness, legibility, clarity of mission and messaging based on deep consumer attitudes. The net effect is that clients find my work not only fresh, but more importantly, buyable.
Peter Watson, Award-winning art director


Many times in business you attend seminars, presentations, coaching sessions or educational conferences and walk away having been entertained or with a few tips or an overview of general theories as to what to do to improve your business and possibly your life. Rarely will you come across a gem like Dena Patton. Today I completed a half day landing makeover/strategy session with Dena and have so many valuable tools to employ in my business they are too many to count. These are not the “tools” that we are used to receiving. These are the actual actions I will take, the actual words I will use, and the actual tactics I will employ. I have worked with many experts in my business life, but few guide you in the way that Dena does while making the process safe and comfortable. She also brings you to a place where things are in perspective, logical and orderly. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Dena and I can taste the success she is guiding me and my business to and all the while, maintaining my boundaries.
-Judy Rough, Founder and President
San Francisco, CA


Thank you for producing such inspirational breakout sessions. It was perfect!
-IWIRC National Conference Scottsdale, AZ


We are still getting kudos for the women’s conference. You were the very best center piece with your keynote and your story was exactly the message for the event. What a wonderful connection we made with you.
-Pat Julian. The Casa Women’s Conference Scottsdale, AZ


The FIRST day after we met with Dena, everything changed. Dena listened to our needs, and was able to be creative in ways that increased revenue and positive energy in our boutique. She took what we were already doing and improved it. We didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, we just had to tweak a few things to make a major difference.
-Keri Chantler and Jenni Hailer
Co-Owners, Twirl Boutique
Scottsdale, AZ


Dena’s laser focus as a Business coach has influenced our Marketing in real viable ways. Increased enrollments in our courses is the best example, which supports our mission to teach individuals to create healthier, more prosperous lives.
-Sherry Anshara, Founder
QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness


You are very fortunate to have someone like Dena in your life – she is one powerful individual who knows how to succeed and make life happen for you and herself. I know this not only as a life coach myself, but I have had the opportunity to coach with her and have her coach me. You are in great hands.
J. Miller, CEO


I have been working with Dena about 2 months now, and it’s the best gift I’ve ever given myself. In the first weeks I already see change, and so have others who know me. I want to have a more meaningful and engaged life. I didn’t have the life I want. It’s not miraculous, and it’s not instantaneous; it’s simply having tools to help me sort through the debris of experiences, to find the essence of me, and having someone to gently keep me on track. Dena helps me to focus and be ever conscious and aware. I’m not done by far, but having a goal and a plan is a great accomplishment from where I was, and I will be able to use these tools to get where I’m going.
Thank you, Dena!
Jackie C.
Phoenix, Arizona


I have not only restructured my whole business, but we have accomplished our goal to take an entire month off once a year. We have also just won #1 wedding photographer for 2006! My marriage and my business are better because of your coaching. Thank you for all your support.
Michelle & Harrison Hurwitz, Owners
Phoenix, Arizona

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TOP TEN accolades from Dena’s former coaching clients:

  1. I learned how to run a smooth running, money-making, values-based business.
  2. I built systems, structures and strategies that made us more impactful and more profitable.
  3. I learned how to use PR and marketing in my business so it really works.
  4. I learned strong leadership tools (and by default learned to be a better parent & spouse too).
  5. I finally learned the proper and authentic way to sell my services and grew my income from sources I didn’t know were possible.
  6. I found the gaps in my life and business that were not serving me (aka got my joy back!).
  7. I learned to manage my capacity with grace & ease (instead of crazy-busy/spinning all the time!).
  8. I played bigger – I really ‘got’ how I change the world with my platforms & business!
  9. I got that my leadership and mindset had to shift to play bigger and come from my greatness, not my smallness!  The difference was phenomenal!
  10. Anytime we needed custom consultations tailored to our unique situation/issue/client we call her.


Are you looking to play bigger and achieve your greatest dreams this year? Don’t let smallness rob you of one more month, one more day or one more year from your desired revenue! Consider a VIP day with Dena (2, 4, and 8 hour options available)  or consider weekly coaching that would take your greatness, business and revenue to a WHOLE new level! 
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