Million Dollar Mastermind: April 27- June 8 

+ 2 Day Retreat May 19-21.

You Choose.

Mastermind Details:


We all know that building a great business takes focus, authenticity, leadership, systems, and a powerful vision.

Whether you had a great year or horrible year in 2020 this 6 week mastermind is about you going to a whole new level that requires a commitment to get things done and a willingness to be challenged.

We have created an environment of greatness, accountability, inspiration and growth.This mastermind group is made up of 14 million dollar+ female business owners who are values based and willing to solve the biggest issues and tackle their biggest opportunity in 2021.

We ask you to bring your biggest challenges and your greatest opportunities and let’s get to work. Don’t let this year go by without getting the support, contribution, accountability and encouragement that you need right now.

We have designed this 6 week online mastermind, plus a powerful 2 day retreat to be facilitated to pull out the best in you.

If you join this mastermind and/or retreat you will be with other brilliant leaders who will be contributing to you, and you will have Dena Patton as your dedicated coach who will be supporting you to win and get the results you want. Apply below and be part of this Spring Cohort that will be life changing.

8 Reasons why you should join this Million Dollar Greatness Mastermind

  1. To have brilliant support to solve your biggest business challenges
  2. To join a community of 13 other like-minded, values-based women who are greatness leaders
  3. To have a powerful coach that will hold you accountable to your goals and results
  4. To help you brainstorm the opportunities for your business to go the next level
  5. To be a part of our Private FB group for ongoing support, community and accountability
  6. To save $600 when you choose both the Mastermind & The Retreat
  7. To contribute your brilliance and ideas to the other women and their goals
  8. To uplevel your leadership, focus, vision and results

3 OPTIONS depending on the results you want. Apply Below.

1. The 6 week Mastermind only $997 (14 spots avail)
2. The Luxury Retreat only $4500 (8 spots avail)
3. The Mastermind + Luxury Retreat $4900 (Save $600) Pay 50% at booking, 50% on May 1

  • Who is this for: female value-based Leaders, CEO’s and business owners who have businesses at the million dollar level or higher.
  • When: April 27- June 8 on Zoom Tuesdays 12-1pm PST (schedule list in the box on the right)
  • Limited: Mastermind is limited to 14 attendees, Retreat is limited to 8 attendees details below on retreat.
  • What: 6 week Mastermind zoom calls +  FB group. We believe in quality, not quantity. Apply below.
  • Why: To focus on your biggest goals, challenges & opportunities with a coach and a community for support and accountability.






Retreat Details May 19-21 Paradise Valley, AZ

Every leader deserves an extraordinary retreat.

This retreat will help you to refuel your body, re-balance your mind and recommit to your business growth at new levels of greatness. It is limited to 8 attendees to provide an intimate, quality and powerful experience for the leaders who attend. Our retreat house is a gorgeous mansion on the side of the mountain in Paradise Valley, Arizona (15 minutes from the airport/10 minutes from Scottsdale pictures on the right). Led by Dena Patton and team, along with her hand picked private chef for extraordinary meals and extraordinary activities that will focus on your business, leadership and goals.

This retreat is designed specifically to focus you on your business growth, but also to push you out of your comfort zone as a greatness leader. This is your time to rise out of the Covid fog so that you can refuel, re-balance and recommit to yourself, your values, and your biggest business goals.

May 12 – Pre-call – 1pm-2pm zoom call with all retreat attendees to set retreat intentions and network
May 19 – Day 1 – Arrival 5pm – Happy Hour, Dinner and facilitation
May 20 – Day 2 – Breakfast, facilitation + lunch + facilitation, happy hour, dinner, activity
May 21 – Day 3 – Breakfast, facilitation, activity, complete, check out 11am


  • Fly into Phoenix, AZ, Phoenix International Airport. Includes transportation from Phoenix airport to the hotel for those flying in
  • 2 nights lodging at the private, gorgeous retreat home in Paradise Valley, AZ
  • Amazing Private Chef: 2 happy hours, 2 dinners, 2 breakfast, 1 lunch, healthy snacks
  • All facilitation by Dena Patton and her team at the retreat
  • All activities and materials while at the retreat
  • Lots of opportunities to refuel, relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.
  • FB access to our Greatness CEO Community for networking, best practices and support
  • PLUS: As a retreat attendee you make a difference for girls! A $269 donation will be made in your name to the Girls Rule Foundation’s dreamLAB leadership program granting one school with this powerful leadership program for middle school and high school girls.


3 PRICE OPTIONS depending on the results you want.
1. The 6 week Mastermind only $997 (14 avail)
2. The Retreat only $4500 (8 avail)
3. The Mastermind + Retreat $4900 (Save $600) Pay 50% at booking, 50% on May 1

  • Who is this retreat for: female value-based Leaders, CEO’s and business owners who have businesses at the million dollar level or higher.
  • Limited: Retreat is limited to 8 attendees
  • What: Million Dollar Retreat with Dena Patton and 7 other brilliant women leaders
  • Why: To help you to refuel your body, re-balance your mind and recommit to your business growth goals.
  • When: Wed. 5/19 5pm until Fri 5/21 11am in Paradise Valley, AZ





YOUR COACH: Dena Patton
I help people create and accomplish greatness games that they never thought were possible. I want to invite you to join me for this extraordinary mastermind and retreat today because I only offer this program 1 or 2 times a year! There is nothing better than powerful women using their gifts, elevating their greatness and accomplishing their goals together. This cohort is designed to get you results and help you win in big ways. My name is Dena Patton and it has been a blessing to be a business coach to over 1000 clients in the last 20 years and I love what I do. I work with world-changing leaders and value-based companies to help them build GREAT businesses. I am a no-fluff coach that is going to stand for your vision, greatness, impact and income growing to new EPIC heights! All coaches are NOT created equal. Learn more about me and my programs here. If you have any questions please contact us at and I hope to see you soon!